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Imagine buying some cool sneakers. You use and enjoy them, but when they break, they get old, etc,.. you can bury them and they degrade naturally as compost.

This case is the other way around ... not that with ecological or recycled products new garments or accessories are created. But it is this product that can be ecologically beneficial by itself. The Dutch company OAT has had this idea, realizing that it is not enough to create a green product, but it has to be natural by itself. When you want to throw it away, simply whole.

The shoe is made entirely of biodegradable material - yes, like some bags- and for that reason it can help as a fertilizer. And without losing its chic point!

Para ello, OAT has had to develop their own materials themselves in order to satisfy this ecological need. According to the founder of this company, Chistian Maats "It makes sense that products are part of the planet." and it stays so wide with an innovation that it could remove the foundations of ecology and moda. It is clear that it is difficult to compete in today's fashion world, but with good ideas great progress can be made. The truth is that I liked them a lot!

You can more information: OAT Shoes.

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