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Originality, sympathy and a lot of salt. This is how the Lolailo brand could be defined

lolailo pieces are special ,not only because they are for you or for whoever you decide, but because they are made by hand and that makes them unique for those who make them with a….” It is what defines the firm Lolailo for which even divas of the blogosphere such as the magnificent Isasaweis have succumbed. We talk to Bea who tells us more and incidentally introduces us to Lolita de Lolailo.

– ¿How Lolailo was born? ¿ and lolita?

Lolailo was born about four years ago as a brand as a result of some jewelry workshops in Barcelona. I got hooked on it thanks to Elvira López del Prado, although everything related to crafts, diy, I have liked restoration and decoration since I was a child.

The name catches the attention of many people., at fairs it is rare not to hear: “¡Mira Lolailo!” while pointing, and they are followed by a "hahaha” and my pieces have that spark, a medley of materials, colores, joy…. When I thought of my brand, lolailo came to mind., polka dots and you wanted a doll, dont ask me why!!

– ¿How would you define your style?? ¿And that of its creator? ¿How to be different in the world of accessories?

¿Style? Well, if I have one, I don't know what it's called ¡lol!

– Even Isasaweis has succumbed to Lolailo… ¿What do you think about it?

Isasaweis came out through the Artesanio platform where I have my shop. They were the ones who gave us the opportunity to work with her, I offered her to choose what she liked best and she chose the necklace. It is a unique piece. I liked it so much that the tests I did later did not convince me and I did not do more ;) I am very grateful to him for showing my pieces in his videos.

– a charged air «pop baroque» – could be called. Es decir, very large pieces, flashy… ¿What is the type of audience to which it is addressed??

It is true that I have very large and striking pieces but I think I have collections for different tastes, moments, people and pockets…  Some of my collections such as Bob brooches or Yeyé headbands Not everyone would wear them but it's nice to hear laughter, hear describe them as creative, do you like the finish?, etc.… even if they are people who did not dare with them.

– unique creations, ¿how each one is born? ¿Inspiration, work or let go?

I make my pieces with what the material that falls into my hands suggests., imagination, creation and feeling that is why they are different and unique when it comes to pieces. Even if I have the same material, It is another moment and it is something else that transmits to me, all the material is compiled from years ago and is very varied. I can't quite decide on a specific technique, I have come to consider it seriously, but I always see a new one and…I can't help it!!

– ¿Where can you buy them and at what prices? – más o menos.

Lolailo is in Madrid on c/Dos de Mayo (The Monvintage) in Cartagena and Totana (floral) only for loose seasons. Distribution is now pending in two more stores.

– ¿What would you like in the future?? ¿Where is Lolailo going?? Tell us about a short plan, another in the medium and another in the long term! ;-)

I am taking pieces with the image of lolita, something that I had in the project when I started but that has been postponed until I get what I wanted.

I'm with something I haven't shared yet: The store – Cartagena workshop where I have my pieces becomes a "workshop “ where workshops and other activities are held since we belong to an association. It's been a long time since I longed to find people in Murcia with whom to do and share things because “mi gente handmade” it's out, This summer I set out to find people who do the same thing as me and it has been a chain of circumstances to date..

I was talking with my handmade from Madrid about the desire to find someone a little closer with whom to share projects and ideas and fate has brought us together three little boxes of ideas where each one contributes something different but we are passionate about the same thing.. This trio is very happy with The world in a matchbox.…..to be continue