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"My name is Olivia Peña, and I am the designer of my own brand: Olimara, que nació hace 15 años para cumplir el sueño que siempre había tenido: Share with the others, and especially with women, my conception of the moda”. Conozcamos mejor a esta diseñadora….

– ¿Cómo nace tu pasión por la moda y como decides dedicarte a ella y crear Olimara?

The truth is that I think it arises almost without realizing it. I grew up surrounded by fashion, and since I was little I saw how my mother sewed beautiful dresses. I guess when I grew up, no one had to ask me what I wanted to be: I had a dream and I fought for it until I fulfilled it. Olimara

– ¿What do you like most and what you least like about creating fashion?

What I like the most is seeing the idea that arises in my head materialize in a dress that
a woman of flesh and blood wears, and how through it someone is happy and can come to think of Olimara as a trusted brand, for a special occasion. What I like least is the imposition of certain aesthetic fees: every woman is different, and there should be on the market, pretty dresses that dress each of them.

– ¿Who are your reference designers in Spain? E International?

Internationals I love Prada and Gucci, and nationals without a doubt Loewe, although I also really like the work that Juana Martín is doing.

– At the market level, ¿How do you rate the current Spanish fashion?? ¿and internationally?

I think that in Spain more and more things are being done for fashion, but we still have
a lot to reach the European level, certainly, takes us advantage.

– Fashion platforms like Andalusia, or contests and samples of novel and emerging designers… ¿What do they mean in the career of designers today?

They are undoubtedly an essential platform to give way to the new generations. Una
of the characteristics of fashion is "renew or die", so it is necessary to offer the
possibility for new generations of creators, to contribute their ideas and vision.

– ¿What are the bases that support your designs, your style?

Especially the color, which I suppose is inevitably linked to my land: Andalusia. I believe in fashion that inspires positive feelings, that brightens the spirit of those who wear it and who enjoy it.

– Tell us how the concept of your latest collection and the idea emerges

It arises from the Mediterranean Sea and its culture, and of a precious trip what did i do for greece,
immersing myself in its oldest traditions and discovering an eclectic culture full of legends. Era inevitable no sentirse inspirada

– ¿Qué estas preparando en Olimara? ¿ We advance some projects or plans in the short or medium term.

Ya sabéis lo rápido que avanza la industriaAsí que la finalización de esta colección implica comenzar a pensar en la siguiente. I already have some sketches, and I have some trips planned to buy materials and get inspiration.