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Literally, the new jewelry collection launched by the «always controversial» singer Kesha has as a key figure in her designs the shape of a penis ¡This jewel is the dick!

Kesha jewel penis penis dick (1)

Tail, neighbor, image, dick, bar, prick, cock, Chola, cola, Cum,rather, mango, pilila, Minga, cipote, fuck, – as already he explained the urban poet – It has a thousand names, the penis. Kesha has taken advantage of this concept and propose a new line of jewelry with phallic to bring the clapper hanging. Y no, although they seem, and few dare, It is not for bachelorette parties ons.

Kesha jewel penis penis dick (2)

Kesha has made this collection in collaboration with Charles Albert. They can be found on this website created for the occasion: http://www.kesharosebycharlesalbert.com/ Los prices hover between 12$ y 20$, making it, not only very affordable, if not even greedy, by simply having this eccentricity in the toilet and could surprise at the wedding of your cousin puri. But hurry, some products are already sold out.

Kesha jewel penis penis dick

The collection consists of other pieces, but much less interesting, like roses, eyes, etc… and other collective imagination that the artist drags a while, But here we come to talk about cocks and how you make them an essential complement to your outfit.  ¿There will be bloggers capable of jumping into the pool? ¿For when printed t-shirts?

En this article They give you some guidelines or how to get these genuine accessories with forms of cock. (Example: do not put them in sunny day or it'll be a brand with that form) ¡this is going to be the dick! (a Granada expression). I think with sympathy, good mood and tone of gall, la moda You can continue to surprise us every day.

kesha penis