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Finding the perfect point for the industrial style to fit into a house but still be a cozy space is almost magic. If we opt for fun, as I have done on this industrial shelving it will be much easier.

The industrial style is complicated when it comes to bringing it to life. In the magazines it seems easy but at home all that reduces is not gold. We cannot refuse. When something loose is introduced into a room with a marked industrial style, this is totally out of place, like she's just there waiting to be moved to a new place. But chen the industrial style is abused in a room, what no longer fits is the room itself, leaving looks like a house to take us back to a modern bar or, in the worst case, a workshop. ¿Who would want to live in a workshop? With this industrial shelving I faced that challenge…

Por eso, when the friends of House in Vogue They showed me this metal shelf I had doubts ¿You would be able to find the perfect spot to make it stand out without going overboard.? How I love challenges, I accepted the collaboration and I think I have won the bet.

Se trata de la Dompaire shelf, que has two totally symmetrical cubes placed as shelves and therefore offers 4 levels of support (3 shelves and a top area). As it is narrow (Have 94 cm high, 34 cm wide and 27 cm deep) fits perfectly in the typical load column found in homes and floors

I have decided to place it in my old room where, como veis, the Grey, white and yellow are the protagonists. No doubt this black bookcase made of thin and solid metal with holes fit the bill.

And then I thought: “¡but Manuel, Be careful with what you put in it, it will not become a heavy hulk and that more than getting storage space for the room, it will darken the room.”.

So I decided to use fun and original elements that I had scattered around different spaces in the house so that finally They will find their place in this industrial shelf creating a harmonious whole with an original touch. One by libros, some souvenir photos or illustrations, a Disneyland souvenir cap and a “postureo” plant” (I prefer to call them so "plastic"), the green touch is always good. y ¡cross out! A space that contributes sympathy to the stay, allows us to get storage space and also becomes an attractive focal point.