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I loved Wednesday, the new Netflix series directed by Tim Burton that approaches this character from the Addams Family in a teenage way and I come to talk a little about his styling that has surprised me for VERY GOOD.

We always associate Wednesday Adams with a black dress with a cape skirt and her mythical white collar and cuffs. It's the way the drawings, previous comics or movies have always shown her but, ¿What happens when the character has a fuller life, dynamic and diverse ¡and it is also in 2022! That your wardrobe should go accordingly. That is why in the new serie has revived the character and endowed him with a relationship with the moda and the very special clothing. That's why I want to make this post about the style of Netflix Wednesday.

netflix wednesday style (6)

The work of the dcostume designer Colleen Atwood – who is a regular collaborator of Tim Burton and has received twelve Oscar nominations in the category of best costume design, winning four times for Chicago (2002), Memories of a Geisha (2005), Alice in Wonderland (2010) and Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (2016). – it's brutal.

Mmixing classic garments and «basic» like a striped sweater, with underground or avant garde garments like some of the skirtss the shelters, mixing times like the 80, los 90 or the 2000 but with a very current patina, and above all playing with textures and shapes since playing with color is impossible (impossible on wednesday, claro, not in her awesome roommate at school). ¡Remember that Wednesday is «allergic to color».

netflix wednesday style

It helps a lot with this story. serie – and above all, the fact that the character not only changes clothes often gives it credibility and realism, sino the fact that he has a diverse wardrobe when he puts aside the school uniform (which according to what they say in the series itself, «they have removed the color just for her«). It's the logical thing a teenager would do.. We can see Wednesday with more sporty looks, more arty, more casual or even more romantic in the cool high school dance scene, where she wears an Alaïa design.

«It is made of a nylon material. It's very modern. You cut it and you don't even have to hem it. No se deshilacha. It was a dyed «a cunning» and it had a brownish pattern that helped to make it a photograph in the cine stop looking like one «great black spot». It wasn't a flat black dress, it had shine and was really light. so move. incredibly«. Atwood explained about this dance scene that will go down in Netflix history.

A brilliant approach to ensure that Wednesday is also a reference point in style, bringing Gothic styles to the forefront and leading the way – and even the emo style – that although they have always had their holes in the trends, here we see them working perfectly on a day-to-day basis of the protagonist, ¡and that can even be copied in our cabinets! Here Vogue explains it very well, which gives examples of current collections to replicate the style of Wednesday.

As Coleen explains, to create the Netflix Wednesday style I wanted «a starting point where we could take Wednesday to a new place that was more accessible, and mix it up a bit with real clothes, and see more dimensions of the character«. and he has achieved it.