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T-shirts with message need not be vulgar ... not all black and white stripes must be.

Many of the things you can count, don’t count. Many of the things you can’t count really count.” – Albert Einstein.

Me love t-shirts with message, and this seems aspirational and different. I find it charming see how people look at my breasts to try to read what it says, and going down is almost a test of eye doctor.


Gafas Sun: Roberto / Camiseta: Jack & Jones / Vaqueros: Lois / Zapatillas: DIY

I also want to show you my new Sunglasses Roberto. A thousand years did not change model, y este, although it remains in a similar way that I think helps me, changes in gradient from black to transparent lens that has both and pins. They have a protective filter with pinks, so it makes me look all that much sweeter.


Además, I put a little better zapatillas DIY inspiradas put in Maison Martin Margiela, they liked a lot both on the street and in social networks. Not that I'm an expert handyman at all - in reverse,I do not usually get anything right - but this was as simple as painting some old sneakers with white paint wall and having nothing of city! (the most fun).

estilo-diario-eclechico-black-white-3.jpg estilo diario eclechico black white (4)

I want to show again my Watch Bomberg, with what I am participating in a contest para poder irme de trip a conocer su fábrica en Suiza.

eclechico esperando a las estrellas (bomberg)