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Blue is not only a color, It is also a feeling.

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This week we celebrated the so-called Blue Monday, that is, as sociologists, the saddest day of the year. (read more info) In English the term is used "Blue" not only as a nice color, but as a feeling of unease and sadness, explored, por ejemplo, thousands and thousands of songs. In the past week, but thanks to Dior and everything went well, I was a little "blue" because nobody wants to see a loved one in a hospital. Luckily the whole family are a pineapple and made bearable stay.

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But some of those moments, to clear a little crawl out and look beyond those gates and, under the rain, up to the roof and raise the eye and mind to heaven… I do not know if you could call him "pray" to those thoughts and desires that blew air, without really knowing where they would.

Seeing how therapeutic it was, I decided to share with you, so the next day I asked my brother kicked me these photos. Con bien de blue, but also good to have joy of the family next door. Sea como fuere, un styling en azules y grises como método para trasladar el sentimiento interior y poco a poco contrarrestarlo…

Because blue is melancholy but also strong! Ahead

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