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Getting the most traditional neighborhood in Madrid to become Miami for a day… ¡It is possible only with humor!

when i asked “¿What do you think of these? glasses?” I found the occasional frown staring back at me.. They are a vintage model – literally – rescued from the trunk of memories (they belonged to my father when I was young). They seem to me with the classic fair point but that They have managed to maintain their essence during all these years and although they look a little out of place, it doesn't squeak at all. ¿out of what place? Because we are completely taken back to a scene from Miami Vice… but like any other Sunday I decided to wear them to go out for tapas in Chamberí, my neighborhood in Madrid; they will have to be from Chamberi Vice ¿What do you think?

Estilo Chamberi Vice Gafas Amarillas (7)

And continuing with the round of questions, lordship, ¿what to wear to close the “vicious” circle? ¡Well, a tropical print shirt and blue tones! If you follow me on networks (Instagram, Twitter and snapchat: GafasAmarillas) has been a faithful companion this summer. It is curious as a garment, an accessory or a complete look can evoke not only an era, but a sensation; on this occasion a summer that comes to an end, a summer to take stock of lived stories, desired or may yet arrive ¡there are a few days left to officially close the season! ¿What will these streets of Chamberí Vice hold for us?? ¡Seguiremos informando.

Zapatillas: Bamba by Victoria / Vaqueros: Springfield /Camisa: OVS / Gafas: Vintage / Reloj: Klokut / Pulsera: Cassey Jewelry /

Estilo Chamberi Vice Gafas Amarillas (6) Estilo Chamberi Vice Gafas Amarillas (1)

Estilo Chamberi Vice Gafas Amarillas (2)

 Estilo Chamberi Vice Gafas Amarillas (3)