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We must begin to dress the feet ... and socks should be supplements to take into account Fill them color!

happy socks gafas amarillas eclechico (4) happy socks gafas amarillas eclechico (2)

Feet why I love you? Well to start walking, and nothing better than do accompanied color, fantasy and self-satisfaction. We all know how good we feel when we are comfortable with our underwear and we love above. Socks, thus, They may be the object of desire of most painted dandy. We must begin to dress the feet ...

happy socks gafas amarillas eclechico (1)

I want to show the Socks Happy Socks that have given me. It is a limited collection that made the Indian designer Manish Arora and they make me a very special tender They stole the heart to put on cotton!

foto eclechico happy socks fortuny

Happy Socks always surprises with colors, designs and prints make us capable of floating on clouds without leaving our zapatos. The lucí on the first day of the Gateway recent Fortuny Granada and caused furor. (Photo by Christian Edgar)

“Happy Homotography” de LaChapelle con Happy Socks



Y ahora, uninteresting to compare because it would be impossible and would "very lost" both photographic level of cuerpazo, I show this campaign – photo session called "Happy homotography" American photographer David LaChapelle where the absolute protagonists - apart from the great body - are the Happy Socks.

Happy-Homotography-LaChapelle-3 Happy-Homotography-LaChapelle-6

I thought it was great and very chatty!.He has always loved the work of LaChapelle, and without hesitation I feel devotion Happy Socks, this union could only get out of something great ....A fully mischievous image, sexy and fun, but with sophisticated touches and without hesitation! All colorful.