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Comfortable but with details that bring me security and a twist, ready to enjoy the parades and people MBFWM

That is the hallmark of one of the outfits I chose to go to Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid in this last edition held in Ifema in September 2015. The pictures make me feel comfortable and at home ¡y resaltan mi atractivo campestre rollo leñador! (I think they call or something uber style). And to counteract the simplicity of jeans + plaid shirt, I tried to break away from these slip on shoes litmus. Son muy cómodas y me enamoré de ellas sólo verlasigual que la gente con la que me cruzaba, que les salían muchos novios a las zapatillaspero la verdad es que después de ponérmelas 3 veces y caminar “lo justose le han marcado las arrugas naturales del pie en el tornasolado y hay partes que han quedado grisáceas y sin efecto de reflejar la luzSi es que no se puede ir de galáctico recurriendo a prendas baratunas, but hey, so happy that makes me look original shoes from time to time.

Estilo Diario MBFWM  (4) Estilo Diario MBFWM  (3)

Una de las cosas que más me gusta de “La Merchea.k.a. Pasarela Cibeles and is now MBFWM reconnect with friends from the world of moda (as Stephanie of the blog With two heels with which I am in the picture) and meet new and interesting brands, diseñadores y sobre todo personas que comparten mi misma pasión ¡Fashion! And people seem amazing and I think se han ganado el apelativo de mito ¡Como Norma Duval! with which I photographed in fan plan. (Picture that you see in my Facebook by clicking here).

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So I like to go quite simple (I did the 4 I went days) where could you see me live on social networksEspero que me sigáis Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and snapchat: GafasAmarillas!) to be able to forget a little about myself styling and focus on those of others and on so many interesting proposals and people around me.

Zapatillas: Asos / Cowboys and Messenger Bag: Zara / Camisa: Dewe / Gafas: Jo & Mr Joe – El Corte Inglés.

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