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Urban trends are based on comfort for looks very strong… and not forgetting the color I'll try!

The same thing you used to go to work (If you work in a creative environment without uniform), you can enjoy all afternoon making skateboarding or walking to the beat of the best music. That is the philosophy that lies beneath this styling. That urban convenience that often helps us take our personality (or any of them, which as you can see in the category Estilo Diario I like to play with polyhedral it can be a man to wear. You know: a day here and a day there, a bohemian day and the next city why not?).

Some basic pants(and elastic, important to remain comfortable), a cotton shirt (black, In addition to feeling good) and matching the glasses With the unmistakable yellow! If we add a hard-ons, We got to go comfortable styling while maintaining the personality. And to complete the urban look nothing better than enjoying my feet a classic that never goes out of moda. I had never had a shoe Jःayber (Why breast? ¿Por qué?) and now it is when I discovered how absolutely comfortable we are. This model is a remake of one of his mythical Athens. Surely you have seen a lot of kicking in my Snapchat where you can see me every day "live" (user: GafasAmarillas).

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Zapatillas: Jःayber / Pantalones: Springfield /Shirt and Sunglasses: Widely / Chaqueta: Lefties / Mochila: Totto Lab / Headphones: August International.

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