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Una frase que dice mucho sin anticipar nada ¡give me strong 2017! ¡I'm ready!

It's no secret that I like to play with words. Hay frasesal igual que ocurre con algunos días del añoque dicen muchísimo sin decir nada. That reveal our desires and wishes. Why the 2017 I just want you to give me strong. That I give hard for my friends, Give me strong for my friends, for my work, for what I'm passionate about. Give me strength to challenge myself every day, to be able to take stock at the end of the year and say ¡lo conseguí! Give me strong behind and ahead. Que me dé fuerte por llevar la voz cantante

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give me strong. I'm ready, every year my wings are stronger to continue flying against winds and storms. And now I don't hesitate to show them off. Little by little we get to know ourselves and how our most animal facet (that I have already shown you many times, well be it like a wild cougar or as in this case surrounded by eagles) is taking possession of our doubts, fears and squeamishness. That is why I hope that this coming year will give me strength and make me continue to grow..

Boots: Fórmula Joven (El Corte Inglés) / Vaqueros: Springfield (That suddenly a color floods your wardrobe for a couple of seasons or three and then it goes where it came from) / Camisa: Asos /  Jersey: Bershk (Aquí) / Gafas: Mo Multiópticas (Aquí) / Cazadora: Zara