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There are difficult colors, that that so… ¿Why not face them and cross our own limits with this style between brown and green?

You know I try to fill my post Style Diary with some allegory about life. In this case I would like to tell colors. The beautiful or ugly colors. Individualisms part, I always defend individual liberties here, it is impossible to find objectively ugly or beautiful colors… our tastes, perceptions, values ​​or way of seeing life makes us identify with one or the other colors. But there has been a story that has caught my attention powerfully recently, in which an advertising agency identified (through a serie of surveys) What was the ugliest color of the world, and the “Pantone 448C” found in brown and green. (You can see it here)

color mas feo del mundo

This color is associated with unpleasant and even elements will be used to wrap packages snuff in order to ward off your purchase and consumption. Brown and green colors are always difficult and if so together we must recognize that it is a complex color and unflattering. En este styling I wanted to play with these two colors to try to prove that there are no ugly colors, but mismatched. Además, It was very easy to take a complex light green and fill it with a white. O matificar a brown with a nice rosewood, but in this case I wanted to go further and combine both, with the invaluable help of gray in between (which it is another color that can also be very complicated). Espero que os guste.

 Estilo Diario marrón verde (5)

Pants and polo are OVS, one Italian brand lowcost already sent to Spain and I highly recommend it because of its value / price. I am surprised with these pants with elastic fabric touch position but, I think we do have rollazo and an idea of ​​how comfortable they are. As for the great star of this look, I DO NOT, Bag, es de air Force and you do not know the stealing glances everyone. There is nothing that good patches can not lead to the top of the molonidad.

Polo + Pantalón: OVS / Bomber: Springfield / Gafas: Blueberry / Zapatillas: Camper(Por Bernhard Willhelm) / Bolso: air Force

 Estilo Diario marrón verde (11)  Estilo Diario marrón verde (8)

Daily style green brown (2)

 Estilo Diario marrón verde (9)