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Two weeks ago was held in Madrid the MBFWM. I blending a look some of the trends that we saw in it.

It is true that we live in a time when the creative freedom often take precedence over established trends and thus many designers present in the MBFWM decide to mix concepts, own ideas and inspirations to create collections that represent them beyond that are more or less global trends.

A similar thing I've wanted to make this look as rather than taking a trend and follow it to the letter the have mixed several concepts seen in the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Madrid and create a modern look with garments Springfield you can adapt my daily.

Para ello I took inspiration years 70, whose essence we have seen often repeated in recent months, present in "Merche"Thanks to designers like Roberto Torretta (silhouettes and boots), Pedro del Hierro (setentas touch with discotequero) Fernando Claro (late 70). That's why I've chosen this brown denim jacket, is organic cotton stretch wash - and part of its eco project Reconsider - I liked it because it could well go out in the last film Tarantino and is a color that this latest edition of MBFWM have used The 2nd Skin Co in homage to the autumn.

On the other hand I also decided to take my shirt with ethnic print, the presence of printings and has been a pattern we've seen a lot in this latest edition of the catwalk. Such as ties shocking John Vidal (winner of the L'Oreal Award for Best Collection), Ana Locking flowers or stars of Agatha Ruiz de la Prada. In my case I chose this pattern has also led me to 70 with those colors and tribal touches.

Nail glasses setentero get the perfect vintage touch!

Las zapatillas stoop and look further add up and give a cool urban touch. With classic form of sneaker, the shape of the sole and color mixing leads directly to the groove of the 70 but in a way renewed.

to end, a pair of vintage accessories like watch and glasses and golden square (these, They were specifically my grandfather) and we get a look 70tero manual or rather, Give Manuel!

Fotografías: Alba Asenjo / Edition: Manuel J. Romero.