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Let there be gray days in your style, but never in your soul.

Those who know me - and now I tell you all too - that, apart from yellow, my favorite color is gray in almost all its shades. That is why I have many garments of that color. For me, la The perfect garment is a light gray cotton sweatshirt: sencillez, functionality and comfort What else do you need? Some gray days?But the other day I was reflecting with a friend, the power of color not only to provoke, but self-analyze feelings. From the classic, people dress in black because they are sad - although in other cultures it is white - we go to “me I dress in such a color when I want to brighten my day”. This is associated, por ejemplo, to the lipstick shades that many girls use.

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In my case, dressing in gray is, by inertia, a liberation from everything superfluous; a continual self-proclamation of comfort and a safe bet that the reflection in the mirror will appear adequate to me. But that does not mean that I want to reflect with it the gray of my soul. I am able to wear this color while being happy. I am increasingly clear about the democratization of color and how the preconceived and stale concepts regarding the use of it are being diluted. Because we are in 2016; And already a girl who wears red is not a whore; a boy who wears pink is not a fag; a lover of yellow is not a tacky or a field of crickets, etc ... For that reason, I advocate in this post that our styling it doesn't have to mean we're having a bad day. Or is it that the people who wear Desigual do not suffer?

So let's stop the nonsense and have no more "gray days" . 'Cause there'll be shitty days dyed a lovely pale pink; or wonderful days when we want to wear black. Let's not attribute to something as inspiring as color the power to modify our sensations because it is not necessary.

And all this stuff just to show you this style loaded with gray. What do you think??

Zapatos: Springfield / Vaqueros: Primark / Jersey: H&M / Bolso: Bulbite / Reefer: Selected / Scarf: Promod / Reloj: Klokut.

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