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¿You know what it is to go espor? ¡I go often!

You already know that I am nothing to do deportation, the fit blogger concept is far from me as the minimalism of the Pantoja, that is why the tracksuit concept – no matter how fun Vetements or Jeremy Scott propose it or no matter how high-heeled Rihanna wears it – it seems to me something distant, Give me strong for my friends, misunderstood and a sticky point. ¿Why wear it if I'm not going to play sports?? I find it more like an aesthetic exercise to send a message than a realistic garment in my closet. Eso si, if ever an international latin music star decides to leave me through tv ¡I promise to go out in my tracksuit crying to explain everything! ¡PROMISED! ¿It's the official uniform? ¿no?


LThe concessions I make to sportswear are specified in those that can continue to be included in the “urban” concept,what I like to call “going from” espor” (Castilianization of Sport chupiguay”»).  It is true that I wear many sneakers – for a walk, never techniques – or that the gray sweatshirt is one of my favorite clothes (with or without rack) but always mixed and chosen to turn them into an everyday object that does not take your look to the sporting moment. Until the time comes when life confronts me – the inside – of a tracksuit, I keep mixing on me Estilo Diario different styles with results as urban as this one where layers become essential to overcome the cold.

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Eso sí, I continue to defend and stand firm on the idea that the comfort should be a must…  I know that I may be missing out on a brutal world of unimaginable comfort and flexibility, but so far I have not succumbed to outfits where the tracksuit is the main protagonist.. ¿Can a bearded man in his thirties change his way of dressing forever and forget about his comfortable and controlled jeans?? ¡I can try and maybe I'll show you! ¿I would like them?

Zapatillas: J´Khyber (Model Chatelo Black) / Pantalón: Springfield / Sweatshirt: Bench / Parka : Kiabi (Aquí) / GafasHook London con slow Transitions (Discover my review them) by Essilor.


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