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There is nothing that inspires me more than the so-called urban style, ¡mix elements “of the street” to achieve not only comfort, but also rollazo!

Admittedly, many people, among whom I include myself, in our day to day we are more aware of "surviving” in the asphalt jungle that of our look. Although this is not entirely true, ¡we always think what or what not to wear!, It is true that sometimes we relegate style to make way for the convenience and usefulness of garments. For that reason, the strong commitment of urban style mix all and take it a little further to keep getting the roll you want to transmit find very interesting.

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Mark Men sweatshirts Sharkers offered me a challenge: create an urban look where your garment could be part of my day to day. ¡And it couldn't have been easier! ¡Guys, this was a cinch! Above all because I chose black hoodie and zipper sides – vale, I recognize it, ¡Maybe I wasn't the riskiest thing in the world! We have seen this trend long side zipper, but I could not find how to include it in my outfits so far, and finally I understood your convenience: Apart detail design, when you feel you can open part of the zipper to feel more comfortable and avoid pressure or unwanted wrinkles, ¡especially for guys with a little belly like me!

A sweatshirt I added some basic but flattering jeans with a few laps to low, black boots simple skin but I love its versatility and perfect brown suede lining with padding. So I think urban look perfectly combined both trends, ideas, colors and fabrics, playing with the transition from fall to winter. We add a glasses sun and eager to eat the city, ¡and ready! ¡prepared for everything! ¿Do you think I passed the challenge??

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About Sharkers

Sharkers is a mark Men Brand t.  Born in 2017 and is defined as the “first exclusive brand sweatshirts for men purely online”. Their minimalist design sweatshirts have a very refined and. In addition to simple, which it facilitates you can use both as sporting moments as formal, They are composed with cotton and elastane slightly which makes them very comfortable. Although the brand is Spanish, also it reaches other European countries like France, Italia, Germany and the United Kingdom.

"We believe in specialization brands, to give the best product on the market. We are of the opinion that there is a men's sweatshirt for every moment, place and season. We have given special importance to the quality of the materials of each of our sweatshirts, to create not only a product with a beautiful design, but also a warm garment, havemoda and durable” – They claim from the mark.

Además, Sharkers has a pair of linked initiatives with its users. En primer lugar #SharkersRevolution: Buy your favorite sweatshirt, upload your photo with it on your social networks, send it to the mark (info@sharkersco.com) with the link to your social networks, ¡and you can win a totally free sweatshirt! In second place, the best photos will be part of “Sharkers the world”, which it is a space in your website where you will be shown the best pictures of those who upload an image with networking products. Por supuesto, the label from the city or region where you have made the picture and profile of the person in networks has made photography. ¡A great way to build community around the brand. Por cierto, ¡I hope some of my photos will appear!

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