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There is not just one yellow, but its range can propose very interesting looks… ¡Add mustard to your winter outfits!

You already knew that I am passionate about yellow, but the truth is that abusing it in some looks can be excessive. Just like for girls, a yellow dress works perfectly – if it combines well with the skin and accessories – for boys it is a more difficult color to defend. But those of us who love, we find a way to include it in our day to day, por ejemplo, like in this case, going to the mustard. Because if, you can add a touch of mustard to your winter looks too (I already showed you in this post a mid-season look in this range of colors).

estilo diario mostaza invierno (3)

If you follow me on social networks (Facebook, Instagram Twitter Snapchat (Gafas yellow) you will have seen this vest many times. accompanies me every day, and especially in winters like this – that is having very warm temperatures – becomes a very comfortable optionmoda and handle for day to day. I wanted to combine it on this occasion with this knit sweater FYORD that has become in just a couple of months an essential in my wardrobe, since it gives warmth without overwhelming and they have a combination of colors that you do not get tired of. for everything else, attitude and a good smile… this is how mustard becomes your ally to enjoy yellow also in winter.

Vest: Green Coast (previous seasons) / Jersey : Fyord / Vaqueros: Buenos Liberto / Zapatillas: Primark / Gafas de sol: Time for Wood

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