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Here I explain a little, If there is something to explain, the styling that I took to this February edition of Paris Fashion Week

Estilo diario Paris Fashion Week 2014 (4)

Let's face, you know that I am a bit shabby, that I always stick to what is comfortable and that I am somewhat lazy stylistically talking… These three factors have been the ones that have conditioned my outfits during the days that I have spent in Paris Fashion Week.

Estilo diario Paris Fashion Week 2014 (5)As I did not check suitcase, I had to manage with hand luggage in which rather few things fit, so subscribe to wearable and warm items – that in Paris it was quite chilly. In my little eagerness to trendsetter, I was hardly able to open my coat even to pose… ¡Although some of us got!

To this we add the lot of standing time and the long walks we took Elegance Hunter y yo, not just to go from parade to parade, if not to go eat, to go sightseeing or for the simple pleasure of walking.

With those perspectives, the best was take the slippers deportation more comfortable ¡But even they hurt my feet! You could say that we made our own fashionista mini Camino de Santiago, wandering from point of interest to point of interest.

Y por último, laziness, the one that drags me to look for functionality, that one that brings out the innate tourist that I carry in me and suggests letting myself be carried away by the basics and holding tight to the bag loaded with essentials.

Estilo diario Paris Fashion Week 2014 (1) Estilo diario Paris Fashion Week 2014 (2)

But since I don't cut myself pelo and wanted to immortalize many moments, Jessica took quite a few photos of me with my own mobile…. that were lost like tears in the rain (rather at the hands of thieves)…. pero ¡Thanks to Dior! those he made with his shrimp were saved. So the Eiffel Tower, the shop window of Lafayette or the Church of the Madeleine become the scene of these improvised street style that are confused with souvenir photos of any tourist.

Estilo diario Paris Fashion Week 2014 (3)

Zapatillas: Puma / Black pants: Pull & Bear / Cowboy: Easy Wear / Jerseys (blue and orange stripe): Asos / Abrigo: HE by Mango / Bolso: Thierry Mugler / fur cap: H&M

PD: I can promise and I promise that the Madeleine as a background fashionista scene it was pure chance, that we took the photos before this post by Pelayo.