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A look to continue winning what we propose, until you can no more, until the world ends.

I do not know why why Formentera - one of my everyday places and favorite holiday - inspires me the concept "conquest". In the Napoleonic idea territorial, but rather staff, sensorial, mentally or psychologically. Day by day we are making small personal achievements that make us a little happier and Formentera helps me achieve them and above all enjoy.

This union started with the song "The Conquest" by The Sound of Arrows loop that sounds whenever the Balearic paradise floor and opened the post travel on the Pine Islands. I also did a post called "The latest conquest"In which I Conquered, por primera vez, Bathing Suit up a post in the blog. And when I asked various influencers Why choose to look for the fall of a meteorite – si, This blog has been very Bonica crazy - I also chose this corner of the planet.

estilo diario formentera conquista (7)

It is clear that this time again mulling the issue, but in a way special. Los amigos de Hault Brand me plantearon el reto de hacer un look inspirado en 2028 when "about the end of the world" under his philosophy: “One day we considered the end of the world and decided to live without being tyrannized by the clock. yesterday, He does a while and tomorrow are not in our plans. We squeeze until the last minute”.

And I could only think What would I do until the end of the world? Well continue winning! Starting now, without thinking about what awaits us, but what we want to change- If achievement to get, but also to challenge oneself, to be able to grow and be every day a little more free.

I roll it up more, you will say that what's the big philosophy jeans and a white T-shirt, but I like to think that from this space can not just leave barmaid (ejem, ejem), but also create a small area of ​​reflection. Of all your conquests! The Won and left to win!

Zapatos: Homero Gray Brand Hault / Vaqueros: Springfield / T: Asos / Bomber: Bench / Carrera sunglasses 133 by ConGafasDeSol

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