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There is nothing that gives more pleasure than clothing with a soft concept in its touch and appearance ¿true?

I don't care if it's winter or summer (or that so little typical halftime that is in Spain), The only thing I ask for a garment to conquer me is that it be soft. A little soft fashion. Si, as is. Give me strong for my friends, Give me strong for my friends, Give me strong for my friends. And that's why I loved this set that I show you today. Shirt (from the Fyord brand with which I often collaborate) it is white linen, with a natural texture and wrinkles that reminds us of a walk on the beach, while the black jacket, velvet, transports us to a night of luxury and debauchery. ¿why not mix it all up? (You know what a fan I am of mixing concepts in mis estilismos). And if we add a handkerchief with a bohemian air of cotton we get a mix & match capable of operating 24 hours a day. We are not only talking about soft for fabrics, but also for the view.

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that softness, when we move it to the feet, we talk about the best materials, designs that are “soft” not only when putting them on, but also when looking at them. Looking for the classic touch is always a safeguard when it comes to “softening” our look. That's why I liked these shoes from the Spanish firm Michel Shoes, which has its own manufacture since 1925. (And I'm sure some of you will soon be able to enjoy it too if you follow us on facebook, aviso! ;)

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So let's get carried away by the soft-everything, like a lot of times we need a little bit of softcore, and we are attracted to some softporn, let the soft fashion (in fabrics or in image) wrap us up.

Camisa: Fyord / Chaqueta: Kiabi / Vaqueros: Primark / Zapatos: Michel Shoes / Pañuelo: ECI Youth Formula

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