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Styling with Asian references, in every sense, to assess trends in design, industry and market coming from the country of the rising sun.

You know that I love the world of moda, but not as far as rags are concerned – that also, but the symbology that hides behind many of these fashions, trends , inspiraciones, related, reviews, stigmas or “crazy”. That is why I try to analyze each season what will be a “transient trend” or what represents something else for the common society. I am not saying this one thing is better than another, but I try to do the analysis for We understand where we are headed as a society and what clichés are breaking to face aesthetics release.

Estilo diario: Tendencia Gafas Amarillas

Orientalism has always been in fashion in the West, pero recently it is occurring increasingly apparent assimilation, not only because aesthetics level – It is not uncommon in massive kimonos shops and turn them into styling that they form part of our daily life by removing the little point of "disguise” – but also business and marketing. Japan and China look, although their huge differences share interest, It is not only the business side (realization and sale) or creative companies but also as a way of understanding fashion.

Estilo diario: Tendencia Gafas Amarillas Estilo diario: Tendencia Gafas Amarillas

All this came to mind when thinking of this estilismo. A "hodgepodge"” with all that asian world, but not getting dressed with traditional elements; sino collecting some of the current concepts that are exporting – such as the atlheisure (the tendency to wear sportswear everyday); fear of losing embroidered or printed design in question; the mass production of products and brands increasingly relocating their factories to cheapen; aesthetic liberation and freedom (you can bet on the absolute simplicity or excessive Kawai); the love of technology and advances; attachment to iconic brands and logomania; the new look of luxury and even the time trading has revolutionized the way we shop online.

Estilo diario: Tendencia Gafas Amarillas  Estilo diario: Tendencia Gafas Amarillas

Here it is all mixed up and under a "European" look” for us to see how to coexist without squeaking, but we think we are out of place and especially without thinking about what it may mean. This is not a look 100% with Asian products, for example the wireless headphones are from Sudio – great swedish company – but with elements that breathe this new trend. It's a style that Justin Bieber or any Japanese person could wear but that I've decided to wear to bring this reflection to the table. ¿Is this “fashionable globalization in all its aspects good or bad?”? I throw the question and keep walking while I find the answer.

Zapatillas: Adidas Superstar by JDSport (Here blank) / Vero: Bershk (similar here) / Camiseta: Primark/ Cazadora: Zara / Gafas: Aliexpress / Headphones: Vaasa Bla de judged /

Estilo diario: Tendencia Gafas Amarillas

Vasa Bla Sudio Gafas Amarillas