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Fashion changes, style remains ... but the 90 always win! And called 'The Pop Kids’ we continue giving everything.

The title of this post refers to the song 'The Pop Kids’ de Pet Shop Boys, One of my favorite songs. He had it in mind when thinking about this look. I love realize that the moda, as in music, There are fleeting things and others who gain so much weight that they become another concept: in an upper element able to continue putting the willies years later. So press play and lose yourself in this rate, since the 90, almost thirty years later, they are more alive than ever in form and substance.

A common understanding on 90 It is to be marked by dint of attitude. As in every age, fashion was a way of expression by the attitude of everyone it showed to the world. We were, or were, I in 90 It was still a tadpole a work of art in itself trying to fit in the gallery or trying by all means leave it. Creativity, madness, comfort, sencillez, minimalism and maximalism were concepts, although faced, coexisted in harmony. There was room for big names trying to reinvent itself or young proposing new alternatives. Does it sound all this? It's a lot like what we live now! Do not you think?

The Pop Kids The Pop Kids

The Pop Kids The Pop Kids

That's why starting this post doing humor about the hackneyed phrase Coco Chanel: "Fashion passes, style remains ", because I believe that beyond repeated mantras, Fashion is based on much more emotional elements. Called 90's kids (‘The Pop Kids’) we do not identify with just a choker or T-shirt under a dress That stays in the postureo- but we like to think of a series of concepts that helped us grow and express. So I take my closet my arsenal "noventas" to show out everything inside us. Freedom, attitude and pace!

The Pop Kids dav

Some "Rabicortos" jeans showing white socks, a bandana handkerchief in his pocket, the J'Hayber and a glasses original of 90 They were my father are complemented by a new element: Shirt Art Sergi Anonymous, Grenadian friend and designer whose collection masterfully mixes art with touches of 90. I could not miss this post!

Zapatillas: New Olympus J’Hayber (aquí) / Vaqueros: Pull&Bear (like here) / Camiseta: Sergi Anonymous (aquí) / Gafas: vintage

The Pop Kids

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