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This is like the posh Preppy style, but with glamor and abroad, which he gives as more cache.

So I could investigate, Preppy is the North American preppy style. Of those babies style of potato that will take drinks and shots to the club with a Lacoste polo and striped jersey halterneck. Those who are not afraid of color shorts - Chinese style - combined with loafers - if possible also color. Those ads that brands such as Ralph Lauren or Tommy Hilfiger and extol iconizan. Those characters who live and enjoy places that many only dream like the Hamptons or the Upper East Side of Manhattan (all very Gossip Girl, who by the way, Chuck Bass is one of the champions of this style)

And I wonder if we give a yes or no to this Tendency?. I question whether or not it is trend that has repeated since time immemorial in the areas mentioned above, what happens is that now there seems to be a look into this aesthetic and the general public begins to "copy" the style. But you can emulate this, or must feel?

The other day I commented on twitter that I would like to take this style to BBC or some other social event this season. You already know me and know I'm not a guy anchored in any particular trend, so I thought to turn his gaze to the more posh style would not be possible. This could not be further from reality ...

The moment of truth, when I started Combinations, evidence or ideas, I bumped into my rebellious soul. Not that I will not catch, or that they were misguided outfits for me, but just at that moment I was not. I was dressed. It is true that in some cases I like, but I did not represent me completely, I felt like corseted in a look that reflected an image of me that does not correspond 100% in reality. What to do in that case? This clear, the tendency to adapt the way you are!

So I give a clear yes to Preppy, this posh style and looking out - because the native seems much less fun and stale - but always with aspects such as those defined on Hilfigers, with a touch of originality, personality and difference. It's not about dressing, it is a matter of applying their own makeup through a trend. What matters is the attitude.

Here are some more ideas .... (boy and girl)

As I read in Actual Woman. “The preppy is a style that originated in the dress of the students of elite American high schools. It's a pretty classic style, neat and above all very comfortable thanks to its deportivos.Su touches spirit is the elegance of dress comfortably but also denote membership in a distinguished class that cares about the good looks. The preppy is neat and conservative."I found a great description and so I copied it, to denote the idea that this is a conservative style, but I followed daily by thousands of young people. ¿Young "viejunos"? Or Renovated Rancid Style?

Pinchando aquí you can see a brilliant male full photo report of the Esquire Magazine by Christopher Griffith and entitled When Preppies Attack! and which are the photos that illustrate this post - minus Bass). Sin duda, this style renovated posh "renamed" as Preppy has many followers and can tratrse a choice when it comes to choosing.