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Viceroy presents its new campaign "It is what I am"And it made me reflect on what is the Lord of the Yellow Glasses?

Este medio digital consigue que se muestre la personalidad de este periodista granadino dicharachero que se encuentra detrás de El Señor de las Gafas yellow. Throughout most of 5 year life of the log have accompanied me in good times - and very bad - of my life. Both personally, professional, loving the intellectual, there has been time for everything and - almost - everything you've been telling natural and fun way to share my vision and essence .... Viceroy with its new campaign has made me think about it, as I've noticed that many of the publications I have done, for example in my social networks, They did not speak much of "I have" but what I am. ¡Es verdad que en este mundo de moda en el que estoy inmerso mucha gente valora las marcas, products or updates that have! And I will not deny that I also love to enjoy the new and interesting, but doing this trajectory analysis to think I do know highlighted address these feelings rather than those products or brands. Porque al fin y al cabo, and as the classic cry of Viceroy says "It is not what I have, It is what I am”. Ahora, in its new stage is left alone in "It's what I am," because what I have no need to name ... because the products deteriorate, They lost, expire or bored, but the essence remains.

viceoroy es lo que soy (2)

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Viceroy's friends have named me in his campaign as #SoyPasion and I think that reflects perfectly what I try to convey. Among many other things! I already made it clear in this editorial de moda masculina which he reflected the importance that gave the passion as an engine of the world and I think that is reflected in this blog since a summer afternoon decided to open. That passion for discovery, to tell you what I like, to know, by experience, to share, listen and comment or joke; follow that passion every day in front of this project that every time makes me happy and makes me someone else complete. This reflection makes Viceroy # SoyPasión can say to which I add all those feelings and adjectives that can read up.

Because we are all and we can be much more than what we have and never let anyone convince you otherwise!