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A jersey "bored" in true style Rodarte and cowboys. Battling the cold without losing style!

Jersey: Zara / Vaqueros: Chining / Boots: Springfield /Pañuelo: Old (gift from my grandmother)

The jersey bearing the boy - the catalog, It's not the first collection that became the signature Rodarte Men, is angora and each piece costing a whopping over 2.700 euros (for sale Opening Ceremony) , I bought mine in Zara, Not only I like it better than "the original", it was quite cheap (It was around € 20 in rebates) and it is also abrigadito, so he spent a whopping!

gafas amarillas rodarte estilo diario (2)

Eso si, It attaches easily and every time I have to get back to get me to get somewhere. (not good, I will not cheat, my grandmother or my mother). Vale are not identical, but it makes me the workaround and I feel very Rodarte and I a happy you'll quickly see me!