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The legendary signature Acqua di Parma created an ephemeral barbershop in Madrid to try their product range beard and shaved.

Yesterday I was lucky to go to the English Court of Castellana to enjoy a experience special. Parma's water He has opened the doors of its first pop-up barbering in Madrid. A place to be pampered the beard and discover firsthand its range of products beard shaven. But you have to hurry to try! It will be available only until next 19 de marzo.

The art of "perfect" shave there with Acqua di Parma and their specific products and, cómo no, the expertise of expert hands. Why nothing more and nothing less than los 4 Spain best barbers and barber officer of the house are responsible for fixing or shave your beard in this ephemeral barbershop. In addition to Giovanni Galizia (Prosecuting de la Boutique Acqua di Parma, Milán) will feature the classic style of Bob Van den Hoek (Syndicate Barbers, Palma de Mallorca), Old School Ivan Rodriguez (Shave the Sailor, Vigo), the elegant and sophisticated touch of Filomax (Madrid) and traditional Araño treated with Luis Pérez (Lluis hairdressers, Lerida).

Facial Acqua di Parma

When I went to the appointment I received the majísima Maria, Communications Officer of Acqua di Parma, he explained how this brand with so much tradition had managed to not only stay thanks to its quality, but also to renew and continue betting on new products even taking over 100 años de historia. Later - and after the obligatory pictures, clear - I went to the pop-up barbering. I was fortunate to be served by the Giovanni and I assure itself that is the time I have more pampered beard. I have attended several barbearías and although each had his touch and style, It has been incredible pass through the hands of the Italian ambassador Acqua di Parma, not only he caught my style to the first, but he advised me how, face care and treatment continue to keep the beard as lustrous as it should.

Here I show a before and after results. Photo perhaps not seem so spectacular change but I assure you live was a small shock "What a perfect!”. With the little detail that I am to pamper her every day I thought: "I need a laptop for home Giovanni!”

Facial Acqua di Parma Facial Acqua di Parma

"Acqua di Parma in this project reflects its core values: ease, the perfect imperfection of things handmade and authentic elegance. The man who represents Acqua di Parma is authentic, passionate and family. Enjoy your time and likes to take care rediscovering the pleasure of ancient gestures. "

Facial Acqua di Parma

Want to go to the pop-up barbering Acqua di Parma in Madrid?

It is an experience open to the public, so you can ask your date and enjoy these mimes are always welcome hasta el 19 de marzo. To enjoy this unique experience in El Corte Ingles Castellana (C / Fernandez Villaverde Raymond, 79) send your data (name and phone) the next and- mail ( and they will contact you to specify a day and time. So do not hesitate and enjoy Acqua di Parma's face, And in the face!

Por cierto, very curious detail: They had in this area of ​​the Telva award Barbershop Beauty Award for the best male fragrance 2018 otorgado in Colonia de Pura Acqua di Parma. And some pasta with your logo! Obviously I could not resist to try.