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They describe it as "a sensory odyssey", but #BeefeaterXO with Dabiz Muñoz is much more… It is a unique experience.

A luxurious setting, as the Palacio de Gaviria (en Madrid) hosts until 29 May the event BeefeaterXO, transgressive sensory experience of Beefeater and dabiz Muñoz. The public will enjoy a unique experience that will forever transform the concept of having a drink. This project, that proposes a journey through a delirious world through the senses, part of a modern reinterpretation of Homer's Odyssey, that merges with the crazy universe of the chef from Madrid. The flavors, aromas and textures of the recipes are the starting point of an unforgettable journey with the five senses.

I was able to enjoy #BeefeaterXO last Wednesday at the press presentation and I assure you that it is a magnificent plan. Throughout its different rooms you discover, not only elements and dreamlike characters with the best cocktails, sino also your way of facing life. moments of wonder, moments of relaxation and moments of daring that are linked to various adventures without leaving the central palace of Madrid and that without realizing it makes you challenge yourself.

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Each stage is led by a cast of actors, musicians and dancers inspired by Circe characters, Tiresias, Telemachus, Penelope or Ulysses. Visitors will be able to taste a serie of cocktails made with exotic ingredients from the different spaces of #BeefeaterXO. the cocktails, fruit of a close collaboration between Beefeater and Dabiz Muñoz, fuse London's most iconic gin with spices and ingredients from around the world. curry essence, perfume of keffir, bergamot foam, white truffle honey, violet vinegar, mandarina boiron, rhubarb or guava puree are some of the components of the innovative #BeefeaterXO drinks


For that reason, the organization does not call those who dare to carry out this plan as visitors; but as spectators, as they take part in an amazing tour, tribute to three of the universal pleasures of man: comer, travel and drink. The cities of Mumbai, Bangkok, Nueva York, Venice and London will be the places from which they are inspired and through which the journey of sensitive exaltation of #BeefeaterXO will be developed. Tickets to live the experience can be purchased at www.beefeater.es and www.ticketea.com (Limited access to seniors 18 años).

To keep the magic and mystery, you couldn't take photos – far beyond what I did “de estrangis” and here I put, but I highly recommend that if you can, you come to make this special trip.

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