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A couple of weeks ago I discovered the men's suits Antonaga and could meet two of their owners,tailors the last remaining in Spain.

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Calidad, good taste, contemporaneity, estilo y comodidad ¡Que montón de términos y algunos de ellos tan difíciles de llevar a cabo! But boys Antonaga They can boast of satisfying all. This new signature men's suits in just one year is revolutionizing the traditional tailoring He has performed in Belmoda its new collection of costumes, not only but also tailor boyfriend and even daily, It was there that I cited to see the costumes and their creators.

We were talking of the divine and the human, how difficult it is to choose a suit and happiness that transmits when you find the "yours". We speak of the couple going blowouts and his new collection, that set under the desire of its customers with the highest quality fabrics and advice to make it perfect and it becomes able to praise a suit anyone.

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Antonaga rose to fame in Andalusia last New Year's Eve, dress the presenter after South Canal, Fernando Diaz de la Guardia, Special program for the Strokes Year's Eve. In Granada you can be purchased at Portago Moda, located in Carrera de la Virgen 33, run by Javier Martinez Espigares, expert on protocol and ceremony also had the fortune to meet in IFEMA.

"It is an honor for us to value the love and care with which we treat each garment, and we are looking forward to welcoming our new collection, fruit of a craft, Tailoring to detail, where all our illusions since, our efforts and our creativity. Esperamos que guste y que sorprenda” – Jose Antonio Aparicio. Tailor Antonaga.

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About Antonaga

In April 2012, five of the last remaining tailors Spain decided to face the difficult challenge of creating a brand in male tailoring: ANTONAGA. Un total de 9.725 stitching thread, 4'5 square meters of the best cloths, y 127 handmade processes and specialized equipment, transform a selected tissue in a suit ANTONAGA, only in 2 weeks of the manufacturing process.

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Experiencia eclechico Trajes Antonaja (7)The garments are made entirely in the tailoring workshop, that has the technology and processes necessary to develop a suit from start to finish.

The firm is committed to the Italian fabrics, English and Spanish top quality, criteria chosen master tailors with more than 30 years of experience, and produces three lines in the manufacture of men's suits: ceremony, street and "As". Currently are the largest providers of tailored suits of Spain, thanks to its quick response and its strict quality controls.

ANTONAGA is present in almost all the provinces of Spain and distributes its garments 140 specialty stores, located in commercial areas of reference of the main cities of Spain, como Portal de l’Angel, Paseo de Gracia, Preciados, Serrano and Ortega y Gasset.