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Receive the ingredients at home and enjoy cooking them on your roll. I really liked the Foodinthebox proposal and here I tell you.

You already know that one of the things that makes me happiest in life is food y la gastronomy. I'm not a great cook – you also know if you follow me on Instagram -, I do not deny it. But I'm excited.

Eso sí, what I take worse from the kitchen is have everything ready by the time you start cooking. I always think of dishes and when I try to make them I'm missing half the ingredients. So I was very attracted to the idea of Foodinthebox when they told me about that platform.

¿How Foodinthebox works?

Foodinthebox propose you to take home both the ingredients and the step by step of your favorite recipe. «We bring you home the freshest ingredients and the most surprising recipes to help your diet be balanced» explican desde la marca.

  1. Choose your recipes: Choose the plan that best suits you and select new healthy recipes created by our chefs every week.
  2. Receive your box at home: We send your recipes home in a box with all the necessary fresh ingredients and instructions for each dish.
  3. Cook and enjoy: Enjoy cooking your recipes with our simple step by step that will explain in detail how to prepare them.

Además have weekly plans «oriented» as a Weekly Vegetarian Plan with food without meat or fish with recipes, healthy, fast and delicious. Balanced Weekly Plan or Low carb Plan with healthy recipes, balanced and low in carbohydrates. Plan Paleo, Gluten Free or Vegan.

Mi experiencia: diferente, hearty and quality

I specifically asked «Eggplant and sweet potato pizza», «Zucchini tagliatelle with pesto» y «Chicken with coriander mojo». They are dishes that seemed original and simple enough to learn and introduce later in my day to day. The recipes were perfectly explained on the web (even with explanatory photographs).


I always say yes to delicious food. But I have fatal that it is scarce. When I took a look at the website and others I was surprised by the enormous style that the brand had. I loved that at the design level but it put me on alert, ¿it will not be an idea of ​​these «a little dick» in which then we will be hungry? When the box came home it surprised me very well. The box came divided into three bags, each contained one of the recipes I ordered. And inside those bags a lot of food and very good quality.

I recommend Foodinthebox especially if you like to take care of yourself, organize your daily meal, healthfully articulate the foods you eat throughout your diet, ¡and even to find new ideas! You can access and buy your box here. They also give you 10€ watered if you subscribe to their newsletter.