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The Gofio Madrid restaurant offers a glimpse of the most contemporary Canary Islands in the heart of Madrid.

Led by chef canary Safe Cruz, the restaurant team works every day in the restaurant Given Madrid with the firm purpose of offer the consumer a different product, away from conventionality, 100% Canary and unique flavors. The central Lope de Vega Street (9) the capital plays host to a group of true lovers of gastronomy and Canarian cuisine, a little over a year, He decided to embark on a unique project off the Canary Islands: remember. They began by choosing a name of vital importance in the history, culture and cuisine of the islands, el remember, then selecting a privileged enclave of the city, Madrid's Barrio de Las Letras.

With a letter that never exceeds fifteen dishes that changes every month depending on seasonal products and customer demand, Gofio offers fun suggestions,flavorful and hook, getting surprise on every visit to all lovers of gastronomy and Canarian cuisine who come to this corner of the capital wanting to live a experience unique and unsurpassed discover flavors.

Among the dishes, some fixed and others sometimes out of letter, highlight the roastbeef of Txuleta grilled with peach herreño, gomero cheese and Mojo Palmero (the team at the table with smoked tea Canaria); empanadillas rabbit salmorejo, almogrote baby squid with feta cheese and Iberian Gill authentic Canarian or smoked grilled cheese with mojo, sweets and sugared.

To complete and complement its delicious gastronomic, the maitre, Alberto Martin,It offers its customers a selection of the best wines canaries: a small card that includes about thirty references, that every day is expanding. Además, if anything is clear about the restaurant team and the chef, Safe Cruz, is that "we do not understand today a letter that does not support such a unique and authentic sector such as wine Canary Islands”.

My experience in Gofio Madrid

Beyond the "papas arrugás" my knowledge of Canarian cuisine was nonexistent. You discover it this way so peculiar I found it a pleasure. If you go with the idea of ​​eating "typical" you'll get a big miss because what they do in Gofio Madrid is, although relying on tradition, create contemporary cuisine based on techniques and products canaries. So you do not just come a little to the island without leaving the center of Madrid, sino que you also discover a new kitchen and live a very contemporary dining experience. My favorite dish was the Dim Sum Squid and was greatly surprised banana wine (I was offered as a "shot") I loved. Highly recommended visit if you want to surprise someone! Here are some of the dishes we tried and relayed live Instagram Stories:

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