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A technique for improving the "look" of man taking advantage to her lashes but without being dramatic, I tried the lift tabs Nouveau Lashes and I assure you that it is a feasible option in our daily lives. Discover my experience here!

You know that I like to experiment and take small steps to discover new trends, ideas, trademarks or treatments; and so I decided to try this technique Lifting natural eyelashes Nouveau Lashes especially recommended for men. If you want more information on this technique, you can visit This blog article in which a few months ago and explained.


Get an effect of greater length and thickness stretch them just, without curl or extension, incluyendo (o no) its tinting, depending on the base tabs on which work begins. Its price is about 45 € and 60 € - depends on the center where you make – the duration is 45 minutes time will wear that can reach 6-8 semanas (something that varies from person to person, by the different rates of hair renewal). Basically - and so I explained the girl in charge of realizármelo Nouveau Lashes - it would be to make a "as permanent hair but the tabs”.

How the lift tabs Nouveau Lashes takes?

  • Paso 1. lower lashes are separated patches of hyaluronic acid, also soothe and descongestionarán the area ojera.
  • Paso 2. For the upper lashes, silicone molds are used. The first is to choose it depending on the type of tab and the effect you want to achieve. Once placed, the tabs are stretched over the molds, separating them one by one and directing them according to the angle that is sought.
  • Paso 3. two different products that will make the tabs are to apply the desired shape, and finish, If a slightly more pronounced effect is desired, The dye.


Mi experiencia

The truth is that was lively and equally frightened. You know I'm not very pretentious but I think I have nice eyes Why not get more out? But in my also echoed the voice of my conscience mainstream saying what if you look like a Drag Queen? I admire the boys unapologetic and propose extreme aesthetic but I do not have the need to defend something like this every day of my life, charisma and so I wanted a finish that will enhance but proving very natural, more as a measure of "Toning" than highlight.

During the duration of the completion of treatment you can not open your eyes and not an unpleasant sensation or at any time dolora. It gives you time to think, to chat with whom you do or just relax. I decided not to apply eyelash tinting to a totally natural result. The first time you open your eyes the effect is quite surprising, but I assure you that it is facing yourself than to others; I explain: we are used to seeing us and any change in detallito us realize, but facing the other, They not noticed a "big difference", but a better definition, as better detail in the face. If it is true that during the days I received comments like "I feel a more cheerful look" or phrases such, but they made no direct reference to the tabs.

It's a great option for guys with small eyes - whose expression will be expanded - and also to "perfect" face details, because the feeling is not the extension of the flange, but command and control over that part of the eye. So if you want to try it I assure you that fits perfectly into your everyday.

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