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My beard has moved to his favorite place in New York: NY Shaving Company en Seagram ́s New York Hotel at Only YOU

El Seagram ́s New York Hotel at Only YOU continues to surprise with the best of the Big Apple. Every month it renews its New York offer, bringing authentic gastronomy ambassadors to Madrid, música, fusing British barbershop culture and style with creativity covering hair care. fusing British barbershop culture and style with creativity covering hair care, we can enjoy a wide range of options impregnated with the purest spirit of New York. I have been lucky enough to enjoy a barber session in the purest New Yorker style with NY Shaving Company and I wanted to tell you about the experience.

To be able to say that you fix yourself pelo where Leonardo DiCaprio does it – that interpretive monster to whom I would never have given an Oscar to continue feeding the fame of unfair loser and make it even more mythical – it's a real kick, but still can be improved ¿Can you imagine doing it without leaving Madrid, right next to home? ¡That is what Seagrams has allowed me to live with this ideon of his from the NY Hotel.

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Considered the best barbershop in the world by publications such as GQ Italia, The New York Shaving Company proposes shaving as a whole ritual and almost a ceremony. All in one space with mahogany wood furniture, Marble floors «black & white» and crystal chandeliers in the purest style «Boardwalk Empire».

«The New York Shaving Company is the shaving reference for any top executive in Midtown Manhattan.»

NY Shaving Company in the heart of Madrid.

Seagram's New York Hotel at Only YOU welcomes John Scala this month, founder of the NY Shaving Company, (the man in the plaid shirt above) who I was able to meet and with whom I was chatting for a long time – in my English with an Andalusian accent and his perfect New York (that you already know that it is the least pure English). The work of this barbershop, which has two small offices in the city that never sleeps, It is one of the best considered in the city, and all those who aspire to look like true gentlemen come to him.

¡It had been a long time since they pampered me so much. beard! Thanks @nyshavingcompany & @seagramsgin_es 💛 #Beard #beardstyle

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That was one of my first questions: In the city that never sleeps ¿People have time to indulge in professional barbering, which requires considerable time?. As Scala explained to me, their work is not only to perform a good service – and some good male care products that the brand also makes – but also spread the culture of male grooming. That we are aware of how that time is fundamental for us to disconnect and give ourselves the importance that we have.

So heeding your advice, I let myself go and enjoyed a nice session of intense grooming. They quickly did my hair and then they focused on the beard. You already know that it is one of my hallmarks but it had been a long time since I pampered her so much and she was grateful (as I taught you live in Instagram Stories ¿you still don't follow me?. After profiling, they put an exfoliating mask on me to cleanse the skin to finish impregnated with a hot towel with essential oils. ¡a joy!

I was able to assess again how this classic trade continues to grow and capture a new audience each time. And of course in this case he chooses the streets of Manhattan to sit his old school leather armchairs and convey calm and love for detail to everyone., in the face of the technological and social frenzy of the 21st century. A haven of peace and pleasure.

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¡And all this accompanied by a good cocktail with a spicy touch of those designed by the well-known Ivy Mix. — best bartender in usa (Tales of The Cocktail 2015) – who is in charge of the Leyenda Brooklyn Cocktail bar and that during January is also in this particular hotel in Seagram´s.

¡I recommend a visit to let yourself be surprised and above all move to the best places in New York without leaving Madrid!