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Adventure, misfortunes and reflections of The Lord of the Yellow Glasses in Paris Fashion Week in February 2014. Blogger traveler!

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Last weekend, coinciding with the celebration of the Day of Andalusia, y taking advantage of the hospitality of Jess Elegance Hunter I escaped to Paris for a few days learn about everything that moves around Paris Fashion Week, the most mediatic and intense week of the moda Worldwide.

I could never imagine the uproar caused fashion throughout the city of light during these days; but do not forget that in Paris the fashion industry is so important and massive that almost becomes subject status If you have even been a model as "President of the Republic consort"! Greetings Carla, if you read me.

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Hundreds of journalists, and urban and curious paparazzi photographers swirling around parades even causing road closures. The parades are held at various landmarks that each firm selected, en Las Tuileries, the Palais de Tokyo, the Great Hall... Become infectious, madness and fashion. The pleasure of seeing the street fashion, albeit impossible conjuntazos, It was rewarding showing that the current fashion is alive, conjugated and goes out, albeit in a very timely manner ... because the truth is that is not the same live see a total look H&M one of Prada ... not social level, and all that nonsense, but little exotic or near Or your neighbor down to the bread and clothing firm?

During the days I spent there I could go, as a curious more, to parade around Dior, Viktor & Rolf, Vanessa Bruno, Haider Ackermann, Vivienne Westwood, e Issey Miyake

Great professionals at a click ...

One of the things that struck me most was discover how they work and the essence in proximity of some professionals in the world of fashion I follow and admire a while. Can be justo al lado de Bill Cunningham and see how it captures the perfect moment for the photo, analyzed under the same perspective (bueno, the other is shorter) las Tuileries to plate Scott Schuman (The Sartorialist), bump in a flash my beloved Anna Dello Russo, see again Diane Pernet or pass behind you Lynn Yaeger, while eating quietly in Chinese. The normal.

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How to enter a parade being a «pringao»?

There was, with long teeth to see those wonderful shows that close and not being able to sneak up ... Do you know what is the trick to sneak in a parade of PFW? Meeting someone in and play dumb! It was thus thanks to the phraseIt´s my assistant!"I managed to enter the parade of Issey Miyake. You could thank me of cool and say that Mr. Miyake himself had invited me personally, but besides being uncertain, I find it more exciting adventure this little fashionista.

And that is who?

Mira, that sounds like " said as he looked at a Chinese ... "That is known?"Elegance Hunter asked again and again, this put me in more names ... or as a last resort "everyone is throwing her photos, I also ... just in case”. Because yes sir, many people and I have a bad memory and less retentive, so many of the faces I saw rang me but did not know what. Mustaparta, Battle, Miroslava ... each one a rarer name! Asimismo, known and professional people mingled with other people just he is walking around with his most outrageous outfit, waiting "to be discovered / or”.

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Asimismo, There was also many celebrities surrounding the parades making them even more impressive, Rihanna walked there Although we had the luck of encontrárnosla! but if we saw right nearby to The Beckhams, Jess says that as are plastic, but plastic good.

Spanish Fashion Week in Paris in February 2014

experiencia eclechico paris fashion week febrero 2014 (1)Both see and enter in parades personajazos, Jess and I wonder. Aparte de Fashionísima, every time I admire more like medium and Jared. And Spanish? Is there Spanish guests PFW? We could see Gala González de Amlul, who greeted us kindly and dedicated a: "Congratulations!When I told him that I had traveled there. (¿?). At the gates of Vivienne WestWood we caught a glimpse of the boys from Cup of Couple. And although we did not see him live, they also told us that he had come Pelayo Diaz from KateLovesMe and as I have read Miranda Makarov has also gone to Saint Laurent ... The usual, Come on, aren't there more Spanish fashion bloggers worth it??

And on the other side? Photographers and streetstyler? In that case we saw two, Fabrizzio Morales, that you already know on the blog and Fernando Manas, the photographer of Chic to chic with whom we met several times and had lively conversations. Do you know any other photographer or character who has attended Paris Fashion Week this time??

The last day, 5 minutes before catching the bus that would take me to Charles de Gaule, some friends of others They stole my mobile, taking with them all the visual memories of my stay there… Luckily I let myself be seen enough so that there are witnesses to my Parisian getaway and we will always have the great photos Jess has taken (What are the ones that illustrate this post?) and all updates from Twitter, Facebook o Instagram I've done these days as soon as I got a little bit of Wi-Fi. You can also read the chronicle that Jess has made of Elegance Hunter of our days at Paris Fashion Week. And with some great pictures!

And after all this you ask me "But Manu, what is he going to take??"I will tell you, no idea bitch, because of course, being at the door, I was not finding out what was being presented inside. I saw people come and go but no idea how the parade had been. So I'm catching up now ...

  • Photo of Rihanna: Fabrizzio Morales
  • Photo Scot Schuman and me with Gala González: Elegance Hunter