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What to do on any given Sunday? Join me to discover the Rastro de Madrid.

I had heard of the Madrid Trail so many times ... In fact, when I lived here during a course it stayed on my to-do list (Sí, In a full year studying in Madrid I did not have time to go ... imagine how seriously I took Saturdays to not want or take a walk on Sunday).

So now that I have returned to the capital to live, and coinciding with a relaxing sunday - you are no longer there for so many parties - I went with my friend Carlos to discover the Rastro de Madrid. From surprise we go to bewilderment to finish with a very good taste in the mouth! Even with a whim!

Discover my experience in this new video Dáyari.

El Rastro de Madrid (or simply El Rastro), according to Wikipedia, it's an open air market, originally from second hand objects, que It is mounted every morning on Sundays and holidays between 9:00 y las 15:00 in the Ambassadors neighborhood, in the Centro district. (Very close to the Latina, an emblematic neighborhood in the city center). Was born towards 1740 around the "Villa Slaughterhouse", occupying the sidewalks of the Ribera de Curtidores hill in the Lavapiés neighborhood, like a semi-clandestine souk selling used objects (baratillos). Now it has been institutionalized and has been regularized and it is already essential in all the guides of what to do in Madrid to last you a weekend.