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The brand new smart watches Kronaby took me to his factory in Malmö where I could build my own clock.

At present, the clock has become more than ever a fixture. It is not essential to know take the time and why companies like Kronaby see the need go a step further in their watches that they fulfill important and necessary functions for humans. The watches are treated Kronaby a new smart watches, based on minimalism and aesthetic tradition Swedish, propose always be connected with mobile without forgetting the simplicity and beauty.

Thanks to Bluetooth technology the watch connects to your mobile device and within the application of the mark we are allowed to select different ways to amplify their daily functions. Por ejemplo, allows you to define a serie of numbers that make the clock vibrate when calling you – to him in silence and just ignore when you call whoever you want. You can control your routine steps. Lets you take pictures remotely (trigger mode) or control music playback. You can also enable the "back home", to notify whoever you want your position or warn you if you press the button because you run any danger. All without the need to be looking at an integrated clock pantallita, but only by the side buttons clock and small vibrations. ¡discretion to power!

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Kronaby is part of Anima, a company specializing in intelligent products company. comment:  “We have created a timepiece that honors our love for classic watches. Without excluding attention to detail, we have improved technology for daily life. Outside we see a nice watch and good materials and components that withstand the test of time. But his magic is inside with all the features offered by connecting to the mobile phone”.

My experience Kronaby in Malmo

To celebrate its launch, I was invited to go to Malmo (Sweden), where it has its headquarters and factories. I shared this trip with Beatriz Espejel and Bruno, del blog “Stay by Bruno”, in addition to various specifiers and influencers around the world who we have appointed brand ambassadors.

At night we attended the party official presentation of Kronaby , ¡in a church converted into a nightclub in the center of the city! There we could enjoy a presentation of your product by the creators of the brand, a live concert, drinks, risas , meet the team, others prescribers, toast these magnificent watches and of course dance with musicón (“Where´s Abba?!”, I cried a couple of times a DJ did not put any song from the iconic band Earth).

Kronaby reloj (6) Kronaby reloj (7)

Kronaby reloj (4)

Beatriz Espejel, Bruno, Apollonia (Kronaby responsible marketing), Two Swedish bloggers (forced parenthesis and I can not stop saying: Swedish bloggers are goddesses on earth), Anita (responsible for Kronaby in Spain) and a server.

The next morning we were taken to the offices where they develop, are born, Kronaby grow and reproduce watches. Allí, after learning the different departments of the company, as well as the benefits and functionality of the clock, We could assemble the final pieces each of our devices. They wanted us to live the experience and feel these digital pieces as our own.. I chose the Nord model with white metal strap (You can see it better in this article:  Estilo Diario: I need to get away) and the truth is that I like very much. Fits perfectly in my day to day and boasts the Swedish minimalism that I like.

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I must confess that I do not like the design of many smartwatches. At about the fact that being always connected and flush with the wrist minipantallita causes you extreme obligation to be looking adds each 5 minutes the little clock. It is for this reason that as Kronaby options seem more appropriate, It allows you to stay connected without causing you more stress, It offers different possibilities easily and above all makes of discretion a tool that works in your favor.

Por supuesto, at the end of our work day” like watchmakers (guiño, guiño, codazo) and ipso facto settling our Kronaby, We celebrate the traditional Coffee Swedish, su “relaxing coffee break”, rightly it is getting increasingly more moda because it was great.


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