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Get to know Rínivi, an optician in Madrid designed to assess eyewear brands (and not the brand glasses).

A few months ago – Things grind slowly, but then they are richer like this! ;- ) I had the pleasure of receiving an email from Rubén, one of the owners of Rínivi Ópticos(Villanueva Street 43, esq. Castellón, Madrid) inviting me to get to know your store and concept a little better. ¡As a good "expert"” en glasses What am I? I couldn't resist! The store is located in a spectacular space, with a minimalist-chic decoration in light wood and with furniture made expressly for your needs. In prescription glasses they have several closed prices – ¡si, si, closed! – in different categories (or what do they call them, Collections) ranging from the 80's€ at 400€. And they also have some special and exclusive frames to meet the demand of a growing audience., ¡those who love glasses!

Rínivi Ópticos

Stolen in Rínivi Ópticos while doing a Stories of Instagram

They invited me to enjoy their optics and be able to live the complete experience that their clients have so that I could see not only the good service, but the quality of it. (Here you can see their optical services) They checked my vision in his own cabinet explaining to me what each test meant and how each "little number" affected” to my vision. ¿It does not happen to you sometimes that many specialists – and it happens to those who check their eyesight a lot – they tell you some data as if you had to know what they mean? Later they also advised me on the model to choose based on my features.

Rínivi Ópticos Rínivi Ópticos

They are defined as "specialists in eyewear brands, not in brand glasses "; I find a slogan not only very catchy, but also very appropriate. Lately, brands have focused their efforts on the eyewear world., but we cannot forget that the know-how of specialists must be recognized and valued.

For that reason, the friends of Rínivi Ópticos decide to bet on brands that only make glasses and concentrate all their efforts on making them of the best value for money without forgetting innovation and design. Además, they want to bring designer glasses to a wider audience, simplifying and improving the in-store customer experience (and out of it). So they fulfill a double function, to bring better brands to the public, and also to make young designers known and grow a little more in a world as complicated as that of glasses.

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Helped by the store team, I chose these glasses RAEN square pasta frame in tortoiseshell ¡I didn't think I'd look so good in them! I think they give me a formal but close look and still maintain the vitality that my face – already quite expressive – needs to.

If we add to that that they have crystals that are also adjustable with sunlight (that darken) and ready for the computer, ¡is that I never take them off!  (as surely you have already seen in my profile Instagram.

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A curiosity of space: The place where Rínivi Ópticos is located has a movie history since it belonged to Omar Shariff, the unforgettable protagonist of ‘Lawrence of Arabia’ and ‘Doctor Zhivago’, who combined acting with the sale of Egyptian cotton shirts.

Así que ya sabéis, if you need visual advice, do not hesitate to visit Rínivi Opticians ¡that they are lovely!