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Hamburguesería Santo Pecado proposes venerate the sins of (buena) meat in the center of Madrid.

It was inaugurated in September 2017 and it has already managed to make hollow, essential in Madrid Glorieta de Quevedo. Santo Pecado commitment to authentic hamburger 100% natural and artisan, no additives or preservatives and certified quality. owner, Alonso Fish-Beard,  define the place as “I am meeting point for people of all ages and pockets that share the same passion: el ‘Best Burguer’ Hunting”.

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from livestock….

We all know how important a good burger is the raw material meat, for that reason Santo Pecado has joined a livestock farm with extensive experience in raising cattle:La Finca El Retamar Sonseca (Toledo), that has been focused on obtaining outstanding quality meat for more than two decades. Also, They are pioneers in adapting Wagyu ox because the fine has created own race, crossing the line ox Japanese Tajima-ushi German Black Angus cows and American, to further improve genetics with new crosses Wayuu. Todes cattle are raised in freedom, feeding on environmental wealth: pasture and forage supplemented with very low proportion of feed, to ensure the smooth running of calves.

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… to the kitchen …

Details and size matter. Por eso, los 180 grams of meat in smaller and 250 from "Oh La La Vergue"” constitute an essential element in San Pecado, where they define their doneness as “so tight that close to perfection”. Santo Pecado is the first and only bet on the oak charcoal for cooking. Your meat – unique flavor, tenderness and marble texture – has high fat infiltration, I enjoying high oleic acid omega 3 and omega 6. Precisamente, this intramuscular grease melts at 25ºC conferring a creamy consistency not found in any other type of meat. It literally melts on the tongue.

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… to finish in your mouth.

Santo Pecado kitchen has non-stop from 13 hours until midnight (with interesting options for pecking and even drinks until 1:30). En my visit we could try two varieties of hamburger. I'm a classic I chose the Jack Bacon, my companion asked for "Oh La La", that has truffle ¡and then we share half and half to taste both! We must say that surprised us and liked very much. Not only had high quality ingredients, but they had the right amount of ingredients and consistency to not leave hungry or be heavy.

We also tried the nachos and quesadilla, ¡do not miss trying this last one that is delicious!  And we close with a dessert, Three chocolate cake, also very rich and perfect to close a food.

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