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I tell tidbits about Skyline Diner: a tribute to diners – restaurant for dinner – Americans in the heart of Madrid.

You know that pointed me to a bombing and contains the magic word- ¡BURGERS! – Much more. When they told that I was invited to dinner Skyline Diner (Calle Jesús, 14, 28014 Madrid) I admit I had some misgivings, there are great examples of american restaurants, many chain perfectly fulfill the task of trying to hit US transport you to palate, but what I was to come not only surprised me, but that made me rethink many things.

Skyline diner

Me and my "face"¡how am i going to wear!”

Este American diner with a Spanish accent offers incredible flavors at unbeatable prices, ensuring its visitors the best gastronomic experience. Skyline diner burgers are unique not only for the quality of its ingredients but also by the variety of flavors and textures offered by the different recipes of your letter. Drawn up on the basis of artisan bread and the ability to select from three types of meat (Calf D.O. Ávila, Black Angus and Pollo Campero) promise an unforgettable experience from the first bite:“Little Italy”, “Astoria”, "The neighborhood” or the wild “Bronx” These are just some of the proposals of this diner in the central Barrio de Las Letras. In addition to these, the customer has the ability to create your own burger, choosing from over 25 ingredients. ¡¿you dare to investigate?

 "Following the line of classic American diners, Skyline diner offers its customers a wide and fine menu, with delicious recipes, challenging current proposals for American food in the capital, make a difference promising a unique and tasty product, made with the highest quality ingredients” explain.

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Complete the letter restaurant a selection of delicious desserts and smoothies that become, in the final finishing touch to a unique experience, (#experienciaskyline). I assure you it really worth leaving room for dessert, because they are delicious.

A detail that seemed essential is that not look like a theme park, it is true that the decor is evocative and helps to disconnect from the "center of Madrid", but with enough quality and taste to not feel out of place. So if you pass through the area and feel like food americana, or if you want to original plan, do not hesitate to pass and enjoy butt, I am sure that you will leave satisfied / as both the stomach and the wallet.

Skyline diner Madrid Skyline diner Madrid

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Skyline diner Madrid