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Today we discovered an optical company born in England and has crossed borders: Specsaver.

During my last vacations in Marbella – of which I gave you a good account in InstagramI was able to see the Specsavers optical chain live.

Specsavers was fundada en 1984 by optometrists Doug and Dame Mary Perkins, who met at the University of Cardiff, Gales. The couple still run the company, with her three children. Ahora, has more than 1.750 optics in the UK, España, Ireland, the Netherland, Sweden, Norway, Finland, Denmark, Australia and New Zealand. Specsavers has become a great success story in the UK market and has revolutionized eye care.

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The opening of its first optical Bristol ushered in a new era in the optical sector, based on high volume and low prices, clear. The price listed in the saddle includes lenses; Specsavers is what calls Full Price. Además, por primera vez, people were able to see the glasses not just as a necessity, but also as an accessory of moda.

In Spain, the companies have 8 lenses that have been established in coastal areas where they live Spanish, foreign residents and tourists; distributed between Marbella and Fuengirola on the Costa del Sol, Santa Ponsa in Mallorca, Calpe, Jávea, Benidorm, Guardamar del Segura and Torrevieja on the Costa Blanca.

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Mi experiencia

When you get to the optic, a specialist performs a serie of tests to determine the state of your eyes, tests include up to a “photograph” inside the eyeo, to determine even eye problems that cannot be seen with the naked eye – ¡They told me that brain tumors could even be detected with some signs in these tests!  After several tests and once the necessary data defined in terms of view, it's time to choose glasses.

And here comes the problem with the enormous variety and ¡the good price! Además, promotion have two×1. Perkins They were pioneers in the use of "two for one"”. But now that kind of deals we normally paece, when he introduced in 1990 It was regarded as revolutionary. So I didn't just have to choose one ¡but two!

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We decided that the glasses most favored me by my features were square format – the very rectangular ones gave me an EVEN more serious look (if possible look even more seriously, jaja) and rounded a geek touch, Though he was monkey, I did not see it as everyday. Thank Nerea Galdos – To let, the director of the Specsavers store Marbella –  Warm welcome and great to choose the two models of glasses that I brought here advice and teach you.

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While the shape is similar, I consider not look anything in concept. There is a classic and elegantona and the other a little crazy and fun. The first is Hugo Boss, with a fine frame and a professional touch but with a slightly larger square to cover more and the second is this fun glasses with a “mirror” frame” of the Osiris group and that I assure you that they attract attention wherever they go, framing my gaze in a great way (take cool cursilada).

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