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With a minute vibration ... a good facial cleansing and a face luxury LUNA™ for MEN de FOREO.

LUNA for MEN de FOREO Experiencia eclechico (2)

You know that I love gadgets and technological innovations so when I presented the LUNA™ for men of the brand Foreo surprised me a lot. Se trata de facial massager with pulsiones It helps you de-stress facial skin, preparing the skin before shaving or - for people like me who have beard - remove microscopic debris, dead cells and other impurities remaining on the base.

LUNA for MEN de FOREO Experiencia eclechico (8)As I explained from the LUNA brand™ for men de Foreo “prepares the skin for a smooth and close shave, helping to prevent chafing and irritations caused by razor”.emits up 8.000 beats beats T-Sonic™ (sonic pulses transdermal) per minute, to help remove dead skin cells and dirt from your skin daily.

the apparatus, as you can see in the pictures It is perfectly adapted to the shape of the hand for clutching and have small "coarse hairs" silicone get clean both the skin well as between the beard "meet the specific needs of male skin”.

Se puede acquire the Foreo own online store in three different models, mini (119€), el For Men (that is mine and worth 169 €) and deluxe (I is made of platinum and the clamp will price, 8.500€). And of course There are also women's version! Watch it by clicking here.

Mi experiencia

I have left the side of the tub and every time I hit a shower me step quickly over his face and beard, both areas that will outline how those who stay intact. In a month since I have it I have noticed that the beard is a little softer and face stays relaxed after use. (Use 1 minute function "Keystrokes T- Sonic "and another minute massage" anti - aging ", You not have many wrinkles but it is a great pleasure).

LUNA for MEN de FOREO Experiencia eclechico (7) LUNA for MEN de FOREO Experiencia eclechico (6)

LUNA for MEN de FOREO Experiencia eclechico (4) LUNA for MEN de FOREO Experiencia eclechico (5)

Although you I have a little panic electric instruments near the tub, the moon is 100% submersible. Very comfortable, simple and with good results. It has always taken me to link technological innovation with beauty techniques, especially when it comes to everyday items, pero en esta ocasión I understand and fully appreciate This new device. Se trata de an advance for the convenience and comfort care male jeta.

And look how she dances!

Sobre Foreo

LUNA for MEN de FOREO Experiencia eclechico (1)Foreo is an innovative cosmetic brand established in Sweden, specializing in designing sophisticated systems for skin care last generation. Release in 2013 Foreo systems has aimed to mark a new era in facial care XXI century, exceeding cosmetics: challenges facing the busy current lifestyle to offer a more intelligent and effective way to protect your skin.