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The new cafeteria Valentinas & Coffee is a place to learn a new product that is sure to get you hooked and rediscover the world of sweet.

On the last visit I made to the capital I could meet in person new Valentine & Cofee in the heart of Madrid, in the Malasaña (Calle de Carranza, 20) and I was surprised by both the freshness of its design and its new proposal halfway between sweet cakes, chocolates, muffins and cupcakes but with more personality we talk about Valentinas!

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The Valentinas are composed of a base of a flavor, which, after bake just enough time to give the spongy touch, It is added a cream other flavor in the heart and then coated with another in the top. The decor decorative culminates with different toppings like chips or nuts. The letter consists of 15 Fixed flavors (Strawberry, nougat, lemon, naranja, watermelon, oreo, 3 chocolates, ron, nutella, chocolate with nuts, purple, Apple, banana, red velvet and the most colorful of all, "Proud"), but soon it will launch "the month Valentina", a taste that will change monthly.

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The idea of ​​these sweets comes from one of the partners of the company which was living in United States, where he discovered this sweet, and he decided to bring him to Spain. Why he called Valentinas? It was the name of her little niece and wanted the world to be as sweet as she ...

The first coffee shop Valentinas & Coffee - because they anticipate that this will grow – It is located in a room in which it has been careful to detail and has been designed by Studio Arze predominantly white and yellow. The tables are custom made from recycled wood, chairs have been bought on the trail and restored by the creators of their own brand and even small tiles covering the floor and part of the wall of the cafeteria is a design created exclusively for local.

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The Valentinas are not alone in their cafeteria. To taste them, You can accompany a coffee, a hit, un smoothie o un té natural. Además, also they offer breakfast at an affordable price (between the 2,10 y 3 euros) and snacks you can completely customize to your liking by choosing from the type of bread, until filling, supplements or sauce.

Our experience

We got to know how to do and how they so get those original saberos - I recommend you throw yourselves to prove that surprised even the first, because they are the best surprises - and once they get sweet nothings be heavy, but are suavitos and you can take a few entada That alone is great to try different flavors! They take a bite and are much lighter than a piece of cake or a cupcake. I assure you that you will like, even though you may not be much of sweet, a bite because you have a very interesting explosion of flavor and not cloying.

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And take home ....

The Valentinas can be enjoyed at the coffee stop, pero también There is the option to buy them and take them to surprise friends,your partner or family .... Have created different packs take away from 3 Valentine (2,50€), 6 Valentine (5,00€) o 12 Valentine (9,00€) (and as you see the prices are great).

Y un dato para organizadores de eventos o gente que le guste sorprender a sus invitados en fiestas: For large quantities, you can customize your order, choosing the colors and flavors of the Valentinas to match perfectly with the spirit of your party.

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