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A medical treatment- aesthetic to improve health, lose fat and reduce centimeters in the belly What more could you want? Experience it in person!

You know I've always been a chubby boy constitution and therefore have no dramas! Although I am always on the search for improvement both internally and externally, and that is why when I was asked to meet in own skin the Venus Legacy treatment at the clinic of the Pull. Anastasia Cano I did not hesitate, not only that if, but take it very seriously. The role of this treatment was to reduce the accumulated fat in the gut. Here we find the medicine in its broadest aspect of caring for the improvement of health and aesthetics and "outside" help function both claimed today.

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Such treatment (It is a very complete machine with different options for face, neck and body) Venus Concept in this case specializes in combating difficult fat areas. It is done in a personalized way and especially with the advice of a medical specialist who watches everything goes correctly and power to the limit the possibilities of improvement but without neglecting health. Over several sessions - Can reach 10, adjusting time and intensity and with the support of a diet - are able to eliminate fat around the body and especially the treated area until coming to reduce 6 centimeters in circumference Did I get?

Me experience

I go to the clinic of Dr.. Anastasia Cano ( C/ José Luís Pérez Pujadas 35, Local 1. 18006 – Granada) a little overwhelmed, I am knowing I was going to scold already first. Grasset not - I do not think we should scold anyone for that - but for my bad habits with food. The cook does not like it eat precooked or has days of control mealtimes, I skip some, etc. Really. He had already heard of this clinic quality and rigor of Anastasia as medical, so I was confident that I was in good hands.

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What we did first was to evaluate my initial situation. I explain my way to deal with food and testing begins, weight, centimeters circumference, % fat in the body, etc. I have to admit that I myself was surprised when I saw the results, much above what I thought - you know, often we try to cover our truth ourselves. So give me a full report with all data and explanations. Medical treatment vision is clear, as it is regulated according to the needs of each patient and their physical standards. Let me "to sack" because I'm pretty pasadete of kilos reaching defined as obesity.

So we decided to get down to work. Me explica diet I have to go and some tips to help cope - Even knowing my handicap with kitchen. Apart from regulating food and other, some tips that you chivo (to share knowledge is always positive) , as much green tea to help debug, no cheese or dairy at least the first few weeks, Fruit never after meals, but one and possibly only during the morning and evening ...

And then we go the table where a technique makes me the "abdominal massage" Venus with the machine that uses heat and massage is doing its job ... Chup, chup, chup ...

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You want to know how to follow and end all?

In a few weeks I will tell you the end of my affair with Venus Legacy at the clinic of Dr.. Anastasia Cano!