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Are clearer able lenses improve night vision while driving? The new ZEISS DriveSafe reduces glare, improving the calculation of distances and allow accurate insight.

Last week I made a flying visit to Berlin to learn about the new lenses ZEISS DriveSafe. It is for lenses glasses - that can be applied to glasses monofocal as progressive - that because of its features enhance nighttime visibility or adverse conditions on the road and protect against glare. And it is best that are daily wear lenses, not only to drive.

ZEISS DriveSafe berlin gafas amarillas ZEISS DriveSafe berlin gafas amarillas 2

According to ZEISS, “el 83% of the ophthalmic lens users used car and the vast majority (un 72%) you are interested in having a pair of daily use which in turn can solve the specific challenges of driving. And it is that drivers with glasses experience discomfort, especially with rain (94%), al atardecer (88%), por la noche (76%) and foggy(74%)”. The new lenses solve major challenges users face glasses when driving in poor lighting conditions or in bad weather.

zeiss drivesafe Driving in the City at Night with Lens zeiss drivesafeDriving in the Rain with Lens

The DriveSafe DuraVision ZEISS AR coating is designed to transmit a spectrum of light that optimizes protection against glare caused by Xenon or LED headlamps. Además, lens design has been created to provide excellent visual dynamics to minimize eye-head movements. All this could prove discover and live during his presentation in Berlin it does attest!

ZEISS DriveSafe berlin gafas amarillas 3

The presentation was held in Tempelholf, disused airport in the middle of Berlin and there we could try the glasses both fun elements like segway or kart and adverse conditions thanks to Mercedes gave us evidence of braking or acceleration with their cars on the runway. It was a experience brilliant, which he has served as both starting gun for what I have called "Yellow Glasses Dayari" where through a video blog I tell you how my day went

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