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An original review of the career of the Madrid designer Carmen Halffter through a spectacular collection of wedding and party dresses provided by its owners.

But these are "humanized" pieces since personal messages are attached, photos and videos that recreate the stories of the women who dressed them. It is a tour of a series of dresses created especially for each bride, absolutely personalized and current interpretations of the work done for emblematic parades, as is the case with "The Magic Flute" (2009) or "I dreamed of Japan" (2010).

The exhibition is in the Utopic-Us space, (Concepción Jerónima, 22) del 17 al 19 de noviembre de 2011

But the dresses, which are authentic pieces of art, they don't come alone; thank you notes, photos and videos of the wedding day, contributed by the brides who dressed them, in which they were indisputable protagonists, center of gaze of all attendees, accompany some costumes thus telling their story and thus humanizing a dress.

It has scenography by Joaquín Álvarez, lighting by Manuel Sáenz de Heredia and organization of Bubbles Eventos. Workshops with activities related to weddings will also be held: Thursday, about the best bouquet and the perfect jewelry for a bride; on Friday, the most suitable makeup and the most unforgettable photographs; And the saturday, the best catering.

Además, It is an excuse to get the meeting of all the brides who have lent their dresses and some of the faithful followers like actress Marisa Paredes, who wore one of his designs in the last edition of the Goya Awards (2011) – in the photo. The opening is on Wednesday 16 November at 19.00 hours and the presenter will be Ana García Siñeriz.

About Carmen Halffter (Madrid, 1974). He studied design at the IADE doing internships with Felipe Varela and a master's degree in stage costume, although as she herself affirms her main training has been to work. He grew up in an exceptional cultural environment. Great niece of the composers Ernesto and Rodolfo Halffter and niece of the composer and conductor Cristóbal Halffter, lived surrounded by a world with constant artistic and musical references. He confesses that moda she loved it since she was little: "I watched how my grandmother was tested and everything that involved the dress process seemed fascinating to me".

En 2002 He sets up his own studio and thanks to word of mouth in a short time he gets enough clients to create his haute couture brand, with the aim of making a different fashion by controlling the entire craft process, that from 2004 specializes in wedding and party dresses.