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The National Museum of Decorative Arts (Madrid) welcomes this winter exposure «Manolo Blahnik. Shoe art» to celebrate their 75 anniversary.

One of the most recognized and beloved artists of our country will finally have the honor it deserves in the capital: «Manolo Blahnik. Shoe art«. Shoe designer Manolo Blahnik, (Santa Cruz de La Palma, Canarias, España, 27 de noviembre de 1940) meets 75 años – of which 45 He has been putting all their creativity and passion in the footwear sector – and he has managed to get his name transferred not only borders, but even imaginary and desires. ¿Who has not wanted one of his shoes on some occasion?  ¡If even «Anna Wintour, the woman stronger steps in the fashion world, It takes twenty years rise to the same «Manolos«!

La exposition You can be enjoyed in the National Museum of Decorative Arts (street Montalbán, 12 – Paseo del Prado) del 27 de noviembre de 2017 al 8 March 2018 and it plans to become an indispensable appointment for shoe lovers, de la moda, y ¿por qué no? a bit of postureo. This exhibition has already been seen in Italy with great success among critics and audiences.

UPDATE: The magazine Vogue in its article about the exhibition It has confirmed that this opens martes, 28 de noviembre. They add «The sample, curated by Cristina Carrillo de Albornoz and coordinated by Debra Smith, creative consultant for Vogue Spain; will exhibit around212 shoes and 80 sketches Original designer». The exhibition stops in Madrid after passing through Milan, St. Petersburg and Prague will be open until next 8 de marzo, when you leave for your next destination: Toronto».

SCHEDULE:  Tuesday to Saturday 9:30 a 15:00 h. Sunday and holidays: de 10:00 a 15:00 h. Thursday afternoon 17:00 a 20:00 h. Closed: every Monday of the year, 1 y 6 from January, 24, 25 y 31 December and a local holiday. The Museum will open its doors on Friday and Saturday afternoons in December.

Manolo Blahnik. Shoe art

The museum itself has communicated «Con the occasion of the celebration 75 anniversary of Manolo Blahnik, This is an exhibition tribute to this Spanish creator. Throughout their 45 years of professional activity, the references to the history of art in his work have been fundamental. This exhibition offers different works of the artist's production, a selection of photographs from the photographic collection of Vogue magazine owned by Condé Nast archives of Spain and parts of the collection of the National Museum of Decorative Arts and other national and international institutions«.

¿What do we expect to see at the exhibition?: «Manolo Blahnik. Shoe art»?

Although it has not yet transcended the exact content of the exhibition, (although it is expected that the content of the eponymous exhibition designer and made in Italy is replicated and Prague) en «Manolo Blahnik. Shoe art» we would love to reconnect with a designer, Just look at the photos, He has always looked towards art. So I think that It will be very interesting to know the artist's career and how it has been linked to the history of art and especially as I got transporting the concept footwear.

Asimismo, You can not miss some mythical models designer, sketches of his works (I do not know if you saw but they are great drawings) y of course dispensed by Conde Nast archives photographic element. Here I leave a gallery with a serie of elements that we would love to see live in this exhibition that will surely warm up and put fashion at our feet during the Madrid winter.

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«The shoes have a mystery known only to the woman who wears, It is the way to walk, is much more», Manolo Blahnik.

Manolo Blahnik. Shoe art