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A retrospective that deals with the evolution of the legendary singer Tino Casal and his peculiar conception of fashion reflection of an era of creativity and "madness" when met 25 years after his death.

I hate that I advance with the jacket they thought put - Tino Couple

The Tino Casal Exhibition, excess art »was inaugurated yesterday afternoon in the Museum of Costume in Madrid and I was lucky enough to go to see it to tell you all today. (Those who follow me in Instagram and could you see a preview yesterday in my Stories). This is a retrospective exhibition that addresses the unique design that had the singer in terms of moda and style In addition to showing its evolution over the years and how he managed to become, – as the cry of the expo itself says – Excess art.

Tino Casal, Excess art shows a small part of the extensive legacy of this artist who was cantante, music producer, accessories and costume designer, stylist, decorator and set designer, painter and sculptor, that, He joined his collaborations with his contemporaries Tino turned into one of the icons of why the "Movida" was called.

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Some exposure scenarios complete looks and loose clothing

The Museum of Costume in Madrid opens next 15 November one of its most ambitious projects, Tino Casal exposure, Excess art, a tribute to the Asturian artist (Celestino couple, Tino / Tudela-Veguín, Asturias, 1950-Madrid, 1991) who shone in 80 Spanish pop star persona. In the sample can be near 200 piezas, composed about 50 sets, complementos, album covers, photographs and artwork made by the Casal own, coming mostly family loans, along with objects from the collections of the Costume Museum and the National Library, and providers linked somehow, the figure of the artist, including Julian Ruiz, Paco Clavel, Francis Montesinos, Antonio Alvarado or Fortu Sanchez.

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Details of some stylings of Tino Casal Exhibition, Excess art

Curated by Juan Gutierrez and Rodrigo de la Fuente, The exhibition highlights one aspect of this multifaceted artist who surely has been valued bit: his lavish attire. The tour is complemented with works by key artists in the race Casal, as Costus, Fabio MacNamara, Pablo Perez-Minguez or Miguel Trillo, Key clothing designers in the aesthetics of the artist, and different points of musical and audiovisual listen television programs and video clips.


What inspires the exhibition Tino Casal?

Sin duda, It is an inspiring sample. Inspiration itself lies not only in their freedom, but what passes when the visits… each new styling makes you believe again that it is possible to be unique and have fun with fashion should be mandatory.

No matter where in the time you were born, If you saw it grow, if you get caught new or if you have nothing to do with his style but do not pass Tino Casal, nor will, never unnoticed! Not only through their temazos (essential at any party), but also through its aesthetics. Such was the impact that it was even nicknamed «the Spanish Bowie«, but sincerely, I think that in Spain at that time you had to have even more guts to fight for that aesthetic so I would call it «the brave Spanish Bowie »or… What the hell?! Why do compare? It is not Spanish Tino Casal It's Bowie and point!

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My favorite looks and details.

As he stated in the press release, «At a time when many participated in the masquerade as an inseparable part of the transition culture, Casal took the challenge to its logical conclusion. With it come the scandal, demanded a furious frivolity new life, a different perspective on things. Twenty-five years after his untimely demise, Tino Casal's message is still valid ».

The exhibition Tino Casal. Excess Art will be in the Museum of Costume in Madrid hasta el 19 February Extended until 19 March 2017. WITH FREE ENTRY.

Exhibition Tino Casal Yellow Glasses

If you want to delve a little more, in this interview Juan Rodriguez in Temptations of El País You can find more information Obre Expo and the exciting life of Tino. And of course we end up with good music and celebrate their song, que It shows us how fashion is all one to define a person, and not only Tino Casal, It is shown by their attire, but also that bewitched stiletto.