Fashion Puzzles 🧩

Are you able to rebuild these mythical fashionista images with these trendy puzzles?

Discover some moments, exceptional covers or campaigns perfect for lovers of moda thanks to these trendy puzzles.

Will you dare with all the levels of difficulty?!


Fashion puzzle

Play with the famous blue shoes with rhinestones from Manolo Blahnik, Carrie's favorite puzzle!

Fashion Puzzle - Audrey Hepburn

This mythical scene from cine He has done history, Fashion! Rebuild this gorgeous look for breakfast with diamonds

Supermodels and Versace They go hand in hand. Will the pieces fit together as well as they?


La first cover that Anna Wintour decided when she started working at Vogue she caused a sensation.

One of the most famous designers – almost turned into character. Are you able to "Assemble All the Pieces" by Karl Lagerfeld?

Diversity is essential in the world of fashion so that all the pieces fit better and better.


puzzle de moda- Dior

El New Look de Dior revolutionized fashion and made it what it is today… Dare with this puzzle that will make you crazy like those wonderful volumes.

Fashion backgrounds for video calls

The most famous stairs with glass wall that have become an emblem of the Chanel brand are a challenge for this fashion puzzle.

Loewe craftsmanship deserves a puzzle at its height where combining pieces is almost an art.