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Look taller is something that worries many men, It is for them that in this article we will discover some tricks to boost your fashion style and provide security.

It is very important to accept oneself peeeero nobody said you can not enhance some details of our clothes, accessories and style get visuals that help us define our shape and provide us security. And I did a post withstylistic tricks to disguise the man breasts (man boobs) and this time we will focus on stylistic tricks to look taller, tips moda and add-ons to earn a few centimeters visually.

Is it necessary to get rid of your clothes to get look taller?

The answer is no. You do not need a particular closet and give up what you love to get. No need to obsess and get rid of half cabinet as it is very possible that you have enough material to do and simply adding or improving some details how to combine garments to achieve great effects look taller.

to come up, literally.

We already know you need to start dressing the feet! So we can start with the shoes, You certainly know the possibility to add a few extra centimeters to your height with a little help (wink, wink).

Hidden increases in the shoe is something that has already been democratized and is not only suitable for big-name politicians or Hollywood stars. It is as simple as a wedge shape in the heel that can make a man measuring five to ten centimeters.

SoyAlto boots, such that the internal rise not notice anything.

Por ejemplo, in we can findElevator shoes for men. Best of all is that it is no longer confined solely to shoes "serious: can be found in both dress shoes anddeportivas, and his court makes it impossible to tell at a glance that have a little trick inside.

Fabrics, colores, carvings and prints.

Choosing well tissue, color and print garments can make visually win a few centimeters. Is the legendary example of vertical stripes stylize and thus make you look taller. We can see this in a more formal way suits pinstripe jacket. The good news is that the concept "tailoring"It has been mixed with urban and can wear pants with stripes in a more carefree way. Por ejemplo, with turtlenecks also stylize and make you look taller elongating the torso few centimeters through the neck.

The colors also help gain visual centimeters, but what color? One alone and for him! I explain, the best choice is to wear one color up and down, and dark shades. That brings continuity to figure, no cuts in aesthetics and, por tanto, It makes you look taller. It makes us see man as a "whole" and not as a "top and bottom".

Ni "It is a country for old”, or loose clothing is best for men who want to look taller. Not only does fattest, but not well defined in Figure, This makes it appear smaller than it actually is. If you want to appear greater stature, used clothes that fit "in place”, that is to say "just(which it is not the same as tight or uncomfortable), simply that it fits snugly to your body and not about everywhere.

Several examples of ideas that help stylize the figure: open collars, diplomatic line, unwrinkled pants in low, but short, thin tie…

The specific choice of clothes, That drama!

I would also like to give you some concrete advice a little more and not so ethereal as the above that while help generate a concept of our body and our wardrobe will help us win centimeters, They do not reach the merits.

    • For T-shirts and jersey: Best necklines "V" that round or square. Visually this lengthens the neck. If you have long neck does not hesitate to wear turtleneck as noted above, Figure unifies.
    • Camisas: We have already said that the stripes help and left one or two buttons open (to the effect of T on v), but remember, that are in place, the oversize is not our friend if we look taller. And very important, cuffs must not protrude from wrists, if it will not seem that the shirt has swallowed us alive!
    • Pantalones: Best to look taller is that the pants have a straight cut, a little tight at the thigh and fall straight to the bottom. Maybe a little slim but passing the superslim or skiny, because it will not help. You should not make wrinkles, so the exact length is touching the shoe without actually making any fold or crease. These wrinkles are treacherous because it seems that the pants are not large and visually indicates that "we are young"!
    • Jacket suits: As we have said before, a color different between jacket and trousers will make the figure "cut" and the aim is to achieve precisely the opposite. The jacket should be below the buttocks, to let them see good long legs. The rounded edge having the best make straight figuraque. If casual dresses, It is recommended that the jacket is to the waist.
    • Note Card complements: Ideally bringbelt similar colorthe pants. Best bow tie, and make it a little finer classical to help the visual extension. If you want, you can use straps that "per se" are two vertical stripes on your body.
    • Best Short Hair and "tip" or toupee that longer hair. Remember, everything centimeters visual aid our cause aganar look taller, so the longer hair will shorten the neck and give us the feeling shortest.

As these are all tips to look taller that occur to me. If the beams all must seem that you measure about three and a half meters! The Pau Gasol will call the neighborhood! If you know someone else feel free to leave comments and we continue to help other men who want to look taller.